We are the founders of Herbellum Institute. Mother and daughter duo, herb lovers & change makers.

Janie Ross

Master Herbal Practitioner, B.S, CLC. C.BT

Hi, I’m Janie Ross –   I had my first experience with herbal medicine in my early 20’s as a young mom in Boulder Colorado. It was a thriving hippie community at the time so when my medical doctor suggested he slap a ‘patch’ on me for migraines, I instinctively headed straight to an herbalist. That’s when I discovered the dichotomy between chemical drugs and herbal medicine.

The discovery and study of herbal medicine changed the way I ate, the way I managed my health, and the way I raised my daughter. My life has never been the same.

Some decades later, I’ve been teaching Herbal Medicine in a private college, guiding and certifying Herbal Practitioners. I also have a private practice and enjoy the privilege of helping clients understand how herbal medicine can help them regain control over their health.  I am always surprised by how little the public understands herbal medicine. Because major drug companies have applied their influence over the curriculum offered to medical students, herbal medicine and nutrition have been effectively erased from the awareness of the medical community.

Very few people understand that herbs are the origin of a large percentage of our pharmaceuticals. Even so – people are smart and intuitive. They are beginning to recognize that chemical medications are not solving their health issues. In many cases, prescription drugs create many more problems than they solve. And more than ever, people are returning to herbalists for help. And that’s where we come in. The idea of making your own herbal medicine may sound idealistic and a little crazy!! Until you do it – and realize that it’s stronger and safer than you ever imagined. We encourage you to open your mind. If you allow it, Herbal Medicine will be a game changer for you and everyone you know.

And I’ll be honored to guide you every step of the way.  

XO, Janie

Janie Ross

Hilary Smids

Co-founder, social media, web development & marketing.

About 14 years ago, I took a course on Ayurveda from Candis Cantin Kiriajes of Evergreen School of Planetary Herbology and my life was forever changed. I jumped into it not knowing what to expect and came away with a new outlook on health, on the powerful healing effects of herbs, and a sense of control over my health that I had never had before, and must admit, had been skeptical of. 

Fast forward to present day, a regimen of particular vitamins, minerals & herbs in their various forms have become a part of my daily routine and I can confidently and effectively treat my own health issues without the use of pharmeceutical drugs.

I have a background in social media and marketing and am excited to be the wizard behind the curtain here at Herbellum Institute!