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  • Regaining control over your physical and mental health 
  • Finding safe alternatives to chemical medicines
  • Discovering natural solutions that really work
  • Receiving the personalized coaching and confidence to live your best life!


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Wondering if you can get there on your own?

Hi there, I’m Janie Ross, one of the founders of Herbellum Institute and I’m ready to walk you through the process that shaped the way I live. I’ll guide you step-by-step, helping you find safe and effective natural medicines, so you can confidently regain control of your health decisions.

"If you need assistance from a Master Herbalist who truly understands herbal medicine and the pathology it addresses, seek her out". 


- Dr. M Frye M.D.

Why? Seeing my clients find their best health is so rewarding. 

You see, my personal journey and study of herbal medicine changed the way I thought about chemicals, the way I managed my health, and the way I raised my daughter. My life has never been the same. I believe it’s possible for you too - you just need to take the first step.

Knowing how to take care of yourself shouldn’t be a mystery. I’ll give you the science-based knowledge, personalized tools and confidence you’ll need to start living your best life today.

Personal Health Assessments Includes:


  • A thorough review of your Health History and Health Assessment

  • Review of your Hormone Assessment

  • Discussion about your greatest health concerns

  • Understanding of all medications, vitamins and herbs you take

  • Review of symptoms or indicators of potential or related health issues

  • You decide on your top priority and I custom blend your herbal formula


I’ll start by listening and taking notes while you discuss your concerns, how you’re feeling, and your health priorities. Then I’ll tell you exactly what I see in your health assessment documents and hormone assessment. Sometimes your symptoms are interconnected and I’ll discuss any threads that may tie your health concerns together. 

Armed with this information, you will decide where you’d like me to help.  I’ll get to work creating a customized herbal formula specifically for you, to address your most important health issue and I’ll ship it to you within the week. 

This process has helped so many clients resolve current health concerns while at the same time helping them transition into caring for themselves using natural medicine. Herbal Medicine offers powerful, natural options to chemical prescription drugs, with minimal side effects. By learning some basics about Herbal Medicine, I can help you regain control over your medicines, your body, and your health.


In your initial consultation, we’ll review your Health Assessment, Medical History, and Hormone Assessment - and your health goals or concerns. I’ll share any patterns or connected symptoms that your assessment may have revealed and we’ll talk about next steps. Then, I’ll create one customized herbal formula for your top priority health goal, and send it directly to you.



In your Follow-up consultation, we jump right in. We discuss how you’re feeling, the changes and improvements to your health, any new concerns, etc. In this Follow-up and going forward, you are considered a client and may order refills to your customized Herbal Formulas.