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If you have a human body or know someone who does, then our courses are designed for you.

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We offer science-based, herbal medicine courses, as well as mini-courses, designed to be fun, interactive and educational. 

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Audio & eBooks

We offer pre-recorded Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions and eBooks for purchase & immediate download.                                                                            

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Engage. Immerse. Expand.


Online Classes are convenient and accessible but can lack pizazz. We believe Herbal Medicine must be experienced – not just read about. We’ve recreated our college level coursework into interesting, fun, colorful, fast-moving, & hands-on information. Formulate each tea, capsule, tincture, and salve along with us. Be a part of the action and still do it from home in your PJs.  Why?  We believe you deserve this knowledge as much as we do – from anywhere on earth.

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Our students tell us they love the intensity, relevance, and simple explanations that change the way they think about health issues. Students say our content goes much deeper, our global formulas WORK better, and the entire learning process is more exciting than any other herb course they’ve experienced. You’ll take away highly effective tools and knowledge to start immediately improving your health. 

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