Struggling with Insomnia?  

Improve Your Sleep Naturally with Herbs


Discover how herbs provide a safe and powerful solution to insomnia and sleep troubles.


In the US alone, 1 in every 25 adults have fallen asleep while driving in the last 30 days. ( Sadly, the pharmaceuticals that treat insomnia aren’t much safer.  That's why it's more important than ever to consider herbs as a powerful and safe alternative to traditional sleep medications. 


As you go through the course, you will:

  • Learn about the 5 types of insomnia and Identify which type you may have.
  • Take our Insomnia Self-Evaluation and recognize underlying causes to your insomnia.
  • Discover the most common Sleep Pharmaceuticals and their dangerous side effects.
  • Explore the most effective herbs, minerals, and hormones, and how they affect sleep.
  • Download and read over 20 scientific studies validating each herb we introduce.
  • Follow-along with our demo videos to create several herbal sleep formulas.
  • Use your new knowledge to customize each formula – personalized to your individual needs.


Narration & videos allow students to easily follow demonstrations to make effective formulas for sleep issues.

What Our Students Are Saying About the Insomnia Course

S. Thornton

“Janie has been a great resource in helping me by giving me herbs that have helped my various ailments. She is smart, caring and knowledgeable in herbal medicine. Don’t hesitate to contact her. You won’t be sorry! This new online teaching style in the sleep and insomnia course is excellent. Her delivery is articulate, calm and professional and her content is thorough, interesting and relative for all."

A. Briggs

“I have had several health challenges and Janie was there to help me with natural herbs and supplements and wise advice. She is easy to talk to, even if it is a personal or embarrassing issue. She is extremely understanding and not judgmental. I prefer a natural approach versus chemical medication, and her way works!"

Kaitlyn Kris

“I was looking for an alternative to traditional medicine for my teenage daughter's insomnia and I found Janie Ross! I emailed her and she replied quickly with helpful information and told me about this course she had created. We enrolled in her sleep and insomnia course and we were blown away by the attention to detail that she provided. Everything was backed up by downloadable research, and when we tried the formulas my daughter was sleeping through the night within the week. She hasn't slept through the night for years. Thank you so much, Janie! We love you!"

H. Langdon

“I have struggled with insomnia for over 10 years. I started wondering if maybe this was normal for everyone. The only way I could fall asleep was to take a pill, and I hated the side effects. When I started working with Janie I learned about some possible reasons there were for not sleeping, and I decided I had to change my lifestyle. No more coffee, for one. I really loved watching the formula videos and then tweaking the formulas to meet my own needs. I haven't had to take a sleeping pill in almost 5 years!”

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This science-supported therapy will help your mind relax so your body can finally rest. This 30+ minute sleep disorders therapy session is designed to bring restful sleep to the listener.

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