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Live Therapy Sessions

You’ll meet with Janie Ross, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Behavioral Therapist. She uses science-based processes designed to guide you in the healing process.

(And she’s fun to talk to!)

Clinical Hypnotherapy

We now understand that Clinical Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven way to make actual changes to our brain activity, allowing us to speed the healing process, change habits and create new pathways and behaviors. Using an MRI whole body-scanner, researchers observed brain activity changes after hypnotherapy sessions, resulting in lowered anxiety, reduced stress, depression and increased optimism and general well-being. New studies are finding it more effective than physical therapy for chronic pain relief, and has a proven history of improving sleep, and positively affecting weight loss and smoking cessation among many other benefits. 

Herbellum’s professionally administered Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions are designed to reach your subconscious mind, remove blocks and obstacles that may be holding you back mentally or emotionally, and allow your body to rebalance and heal itself.  

Many clients find the Clinical Hypnotherapy gives them the ‘mental boost’ they need to complete the healing process.

Each Herbellum Clinical Hypnotherapy session is unique, customized specifically to your individual needs and designed to address the precise habits, behaviors, or issues you'd like to address. Our Clinical Hypnotherapy process allows us to interact with you face-to face online, ensuring you a professional, safe, caring, and effective hypnotherapy experience.  

Clinical Hypnotherapy - 60 Minute session

$120.00 USD
Clinical Hypnotherapy Buy 4 sessions, get one FREE!

$500.00 USD

Clinical Behavioral Therapy

Some clients find that simply talking through a situation with a neutral, non-judgmental listener can bring clarity and provide renewed direction. I may ask specific questions to help you more fully understand the source of your challenge and aid you in considering your best options forward.

Like other therapies, this is a private face-to-face online session. Some clients find that they have trouble identifying root issues, and benefit from seeing their struggle through someone else’s objective eyes.

Clients have successfully used this process to move away from destructive habits, relationships or beliefs.

Clinical Behavioral Therapy - 60 Minute Session

$125.00 USD

"Janie took the time to get to know what i was interested in getting out of the sessions.

There are personal things ive wanted to work on - and having someone guide me through a deeper sense of work in those areas has been transformative. 

I've been impressed with my experience so far and look forward to more sessions with Janie".


-L. Bolton, Client