Certified Herbal Anxiety Coach

anxiety certification Jan 05, 2021

The world seems to be moving online, from learning and eCommerce to meetings, coaching, and even business. Have you thought about starting an online business? Maybe marketing something you know and love?

You may know me - I’m Janie Ross, Master Herbal Practitioner, and Instructor for our Anxiety courses at Herbellum Institute. I used to teach a full Herbal Medicine curriculum in a college to Doctors and Health professionals for Continuing Education Credits. 

When we created Herbellum Institute, we realized that not everyone wants to become an Herbalist. But I learned from having a private practice that everyone seems interested in a safe, Herbal, natural solution to their own health concern. 

So we broke our Herbal Curriculum down into bite-sized pieces, allowing people like you to focus on health challenges that are personal. Relevant to you. Health issues that you might be dealing with right now. Which is why our most urgently popular courses today are those we...

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Baical Skullcap (Scutellaria Baicalensis)

antiviral baical skullcap Jan 05, 2021

This little vine almost died. You might remember my post last fall showing a tiny sprout peeking out of the dead brambles. And look at him now! What a comeback!

Baical is a completely different plant than his western cousin, Scutellaria Lateriflora, which is commonly used for sleep among other things. No, Baical is one of the most powerful herbal antivirals, with a history of use against a wide range of colds, flues, and nasty viruses. 

Originating in China, Baicalin is a yellow root with compounds that disrupt the viral envelope, impeding a virus from replicating, and then stopping viral infection.  Yes. Stops viral infection. 

So why don’t we all know about the magic of Baical Skullcap - especially now?

Well, Chinese herbalists do. Global herbalists do. Even a few Naturopaths and nutritionists have heard about it through the herbal medicine grapevine. 

And we blend it with a few other amazing antiviral herbs to create some of the absolute strongest herbal...

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Herbal Medicine on YouTube?

Are you skeptical about ‘natural’ cures and home remedy videos? Yup, me too.  Don’t get me wrong, some of these videos are brilliant, and they absolutely know what they’re doing. But others, maybe not so much.

And how exactly can we tell the difference?

I’m sure you have your own method, but here’s what I do. 

I look and listen for the proof.  Not ‘studies have shown’ stuff, but actual data. 

Like the clinical studies that explain details about how the herbs were tested, and whether or not it was a placebo-controlled study. Was the herb tested in a test tube or on live subjects? (In vivo or in vitro?) Was it tested for effectiveness in contrast to a medication? How long ago? Where was the study conducted? Was it funded through a University or by a drug company? 

When were the results published? And in what journal?

Those are a lot of questions. But, that’s what we do at Herbellum Institute. Before I...

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Nobel Prize Winning Plant Medicine

Many years ago, the Chinese government gathered 500 of their best scientists and launched a coordinated effort to find a cure for Malaria. Other countries had launched similar projects, but the studies were considered military secrets and none of the scientists were allowed to speak of their results. 

It was October of 1971, and after 2 years of intense research and clinical lab tests, a compound was found that had a 100% inhibition against the parasite that causes Malaria.

The source? A shrubby plant with foliage that looks a bit like a giant carrot top. Feathery and easy to grow, the plant is called Artemisia Annua. 

Artemisia is a common plant family with numerous species that unfortunately don’t share the same Malaria-crushing compounds as A. Annua. It was just this one specific strain of Artemisia, and it only stopped Malaria if it was prepared in a very specific way. 

As with most plants, Artemisia Annua contains over a hundred compounds. Some plant...

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From Plants to Pills - Alzheimer’s

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

In each Newsletter, we’ll discuss a different drug that was made from a medicinal plant. Our goal is to share information about the extensive use of plant medicine by drug manufacturers, and remind us of the incredible healing power of plants.

Today, we’ll take a look at a drug that is marketed under the name Reminyl®.  The scientific name used by the manufacturer is Galantamine, and it is commonly prescribed to people with mild to moderate dementia, related to Alzheimer’s. Although the marketing information is clear that it does not provide a cure, it does indicate that Reminyl® may help to rebalance neurotransmitters and slow or improve concentration, confusion, and other symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

The Alzheimer’s online forum called ALZforum.org includes this on their website about Galatamine, ‘More than 90 clinical trials have evaluated galantamine's effect on Alzheimer's and other conditions. Overall, they find...

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AlltogetHerb- Arrowroot

Big creepy worms? Good guess! - these are actually tubers called arrowroots. 

Arrowroot is a member of the same plant family as the Calla Lily and looks similar above the ground. The tall lush green leaves can grow 5 feet tall and underground, it spreads by tubers, which look like white baby carrots. 

Arrowroots are used as a culinary ingredient to add texture and thickness to foods. At nearly 100% starch, it offers almost zero nutritional value, but when the root is dried and powdered - it’s easy to add to dishes to thicken them by absorbing moisture. Arrowroot is highly absorbent and soaks up lots of moisture, so chefs started adding to dishes that were too watery.

With the arrival of my first grandchild came lots of research about organic, natural baby products, and Arrowroot is now on my radar as a baby product. 

In a related blog post I mentioned that Johnson and Johnson recently removed their baby powder from the market after decades as the leader in that...

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Baby's Tummy Trouble?

We’re making our own Organic Baby Gripe Water today. And with so many on the market, why would we bother making our own? Glad you asked. For starters, let's talk about Gripe water. It treats baby’s gas and upset tummy, cramps, and all around discomfort, and has been a nursery staple for over a hundred years. Early Gripe water contained alcohol and a few other things we don’t give babies anymore. 

Keeping babies comfortable and mommies sane through the first few months of a new baby’s life, while their little body learns to digest milk - can be a difficult experience for everyone. There’s nothing quite as painful as watching your tiny baby cry from digestive gas and stomach cramps. It’s excruciating pain for the baby and can be emotionally traumatizing for parents. And so, many new moms turn to commercial Gripe Water to relieve their baby’s pain.

I took the long route to answer the first question. Why would we bother making our own?...

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Natural DIY Baby Powder

Little ones need the most pure and gentle ingredients in everything that touches their skin because it’s so new and delicate. Baby powder plays an important role in keeping baby’s skin dry inside a diaper, which will be wet (a lot) and irritate tender skin. Moms have been using baby powder to keep babies dry - for a very long time. In May of 2020, Johnson and Johnson removed their baby powder from the market after long legal battles over the potential dangers of their ingredients. So it’s time to revisit the baby powder that our grandmothers and their grandmothers made in their kitchens. Here’s one of several safe, effective, and natural baby powder formulas, designed to keep your baby’s delicate skin dry and protected. 

Our four favorite ingredients: 

  • Arrowroot is a natural base as it is naturally absorbent and deodorizing. 
  • Kaolin Clay powder is a second ingredient I sometimes add, depending on the age of the baby and just how wet...
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Herbal Face Scrub


Herbal Face Scrub For Glowing Skin

Why Exfoliate? It removes the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of our skin. Without consistent exfoliation, our skin starts to thicken as the old cells build up, which causes crevices and fine lines.

No thanks!! Bring on the exfoliation! 

But not just anything gritty will do! Studies on exfoliation have taken a close look at skin before and after exfoliation with cheap ingredients like ground apricot pits or walnut shells. The sharp edges of these ingredients look like broken glass under a microscope, and they leave tiny lesions on the surface of our skin - allowing bacteria and preservatives to get into the layers of our skin. So instead, let’s make an organic custom blended exfoliator, specific to your skin type. 

Your scrub formula should contain only the things from our formula that you need, because we all know, everyone’s skin is different. I’ll review a short list of highly effective exfoliants, and...

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Root Beer Tea


Root Beer Tea

There are dozens of versions of this old recipe, and I think we’ve got one of the best. If you love root beer, you’ll probably love our naturally sweet, nostalgic old tea formula.


Our Root Beer tea contains most of the traditional Root Beer ingredients, including Sassafras and Sarsaparilla, even though the FDA required those ingredients to be removed from commercial Root Beer some years ago. In one clinical study, well-meaning researchers fed gobs of Sarsaparilla to some mice, and they developed liver cancer. The compound in both Sassafras and Sarsaparilla, called Safrole, can cause cancer in mice when consumed in very large quantities. And so, the FDA gave these two amazing herbs the axe, even though nutmeg, cinnamon, and several other herbs also contain Safrole, and were left on the market. Point is, I want to advise you to please not eat your bodyweight in Sarsaparilla - just in case. 


This also means that today's commercial Root Beer...

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