Feelings of impending doom??

We’re hearing from more and more people about their Anxiety.  It’s the most prominent emotional health condition in the developed world, and can manifest through a variety of feelings or behaviors including isolation, fear of the unknown, restlessness, boredom, agitation, withdrawal. Binge-eating, Binge-watching anything-on-a-screen, feeling hopeless, feeling sad, feeling a loss of control. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re experiencing some Anxiety.


You’ll notice I used the word ‘feeling’ quite a bit. That’s because Anxiety doesn’t have any outward signs. This invisible nature of Anxiety makes it really difficult to spot in others, and unless you speak up, others may not know that you’re suffering either.


On a good day, Anxiety affects nearly 20% of the adult population in developed countries. And today? With the world upside down? It’s impossible to guess.


And when Anxiety becomes more severe, it may show up in a more pronounced way. A physical ‘try-ignoring-me-now’ way.  If you are experiencing heart palpitations, a buzzing sensation in your head or chest, or in some cases a crushing feeling in your chest making it difficult to breathe, well first of all, call 911. And after you’ve been seen by a professional and you’re certain that you are otherwise ok, it’s possible that you were having the king of Anxiety symptoms – a panic attack.


So what can we do to stay one step ahead of Anxiety?


  • Move. I have nervous energy and like a cooped-up toddler, I need to let it out. I have a rebounder (mini trampoline) and I jump on it until I can’t breathe. Don’t have one? Maybe you’ll have to jump on the couch. You know, desperate times, desperate measures.
  • Talk.  Get on your phone, Facetime, Marco Polo, Zoom, or any way to connect. As humans we need connection. You have plenty of friends to check on – get busy. Find out who has toilet paper stashed. You might need to know these things soon….
  • Lay off the Sugar and heavy carbs. Yes, yes, I know Pizza is one of the only things being delivered, but it’s a critical time to be kind to your body and support your immune system. If you’re asking your body to NOT get a virus that’s going around, please consider feeding it the building blocks to fight off the germs you’re avoiding. Sugar and Gluten are the worst. I could write a book – please, just pretend you’re trapped in Whole Foods near the salad bar.
  • Herbs Yes! There ARE amazing herbs that help Anxiety. They are easy to find and you might even have them growing in your yard. Lemon Balm, Chamomile, and Passion Flower just to name a few. If the grocery store doesn’t have bulk herbs, check the tea aisle. You’ll likely find tea for Anxiety. It will taste great and you’ll feel better in no time.


Ah, Anxiety. Not just for 20% of the developed world anymore. Now, (thanks a lot virus) it’s for everyone.



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