AlltogetHerb- Arrowroot

Big creepy worms? Good guess! - these are actually tubers called arrowroots. 

Arrowroot is a member of the same plant family as the Calla Lily and looks similar above the ground. The tall lush green leaves can grow 5 feet tall and underground, it spreads by tubers, which look like white baby carrots. 

Arrowroots are used as a culinary ingredient to add texture and thickness to foods. At nearly 100% starch, it offers almost zero nutritional value, but when the root is dried and powdered - it’s easy to add to dishes to thicken them by absorbing moisture. Arrowroot is highly absorbent and soaks up lots of moisture, so chefs started adding to dishes that were too watery.

With the arrival of my first grandchild came lots of research about organic, natural baby products, and Arrowroot is now on my radar as a baby product. 

In a related blog post I mentioned that Johnson and Johnson recently removed their baby powder from the market after decades as the leader in that industry. Ongoing lawsuits claiming that their baby powder contributes to cancer - may have caused the withdrawal of this product which contained talc, among other things. 

As we all know, babies have the most delicate skin. Any chemicals, additives, oils, or unnecessary ingredients can potentially irritate your baby’s skin which is already at its most tender and vulnerable.

When researching baby powder and seeing all the ingredients that even organic companies add - it’s no wonder that little ones end up with rashes and irritated bums.

Arrowroot powder is the key ingredient in Herbellum’s Baby Bum Powder formula. Why?

When Arrowroot is powdered, the texture of the root is so fine that it feels like silk. But the real benefits come from Arrowroot’s ability to absorb so much moisture. And, as an unexpected surprise, Arrowroot is naturally deodorizing. Bonus!

So, if you find yourself diapering a tiny little bum, consider making your own organic, safe, chemical-free baby powder, and we’d like to suggest that you start with Arrowroot powder. 


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