Alltogetherb: Calamus Root

alltogetherb calamus root Jun 17, 2020

Calamus Root

In the late 1500s, the Doctrine of Signatures was published. It proposed that plants resembled the part of the body it was designed to heal with a ‘signature’ of sorts. For example, if it looks like a brain (think Walnut), then it was thought to be healing for the brain. 

Calamus roots look like a spinal column. And although there is much evidence today that the Doctrine of Signatures is not an effective tool in identifying the healing mechanisms in plants, in the case of Calamus root, the resemblance between the Root and the human spinal column and brain stem - is remarkable. 

Calamus root is the subject of heavy research due to its profound effect on blood sugar and insulin, as well as it’s powerful mood modulator activity. Calamus root affects several key brain neurotransmitters including Serotonin, Dopamine, and GABA, making it an effective stabilizing and uplifting herb in many formulas for emotional health. 

It has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and is given to stroke victims to help their brains begin the recovery process. Although no studies have been conducted in the West, TCM doctors insist that their stroke patients regain speech more quickly while taking Calamus Root. 


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