Ant Juice - An ant rant

Ugh. Everyday I notice at least one wandering Ant following the lingering scent of yesterday's cupcake. Or toothpaste. Or…. broccoli. (No kidding, my ants even eat broccoli.)  These ants are the ‘scouts’ that spend much of their time scrounging for any possible food source, then sending the ant-signal back up to the hill for reinforcements. 

(Does this have anything to do with herbs? Well kind of. Stay with me.)

What do we know that is particularly unique about Ants? 

#1 Driven. They are incessant. Ants are never-giver-uppers. 

#2 Super-strength. They can carry up to 50 times their body weight over their heads. 

#3 Superior team-work. Ants can signal their entire community with their antennae and the team responds with super-ant procision.

#4 They can smell cake in the next town. 

And with this information, someone in East Asia many years ago in a what-the-heck moment, decided to make a drink out of ants. It caught on and the juice of ants has been consumed throughout Asia for centuries. No. Kidding. 

Fast forward and Ant Juice is actually a thing in Europe. It has taken over quite a bit of the energy drink market in the UK where ‘two breeds of Polyrachis ant are used exclusively in the drink - and are farmed for this purpose.’’

Farmed? As in - grown for Ant Juice purposes? Yup. You’ve heard of Beekeepers? Well, the Ant farmers are called Ant keepers. 

So, what’s all the fuss about Ant Juice? 

The theory is that by drinking ant juice, you can take on some of its Ant SuperPowers. There are several studies underway but no final results yet. Just lots of Ant- ticipation. (sorry.) 

Now, it sounds like I’m making fun, but I was very intrigued and I TRIED IT. And not as a wimpy additive to a cocktail or masked in some juice. I just ordered a shot of Ant. Straight up.

If you follow my blog at all, you probably know that I almost never drink, don’t smoke anything, no sugar, gluten, caffeine, red meat, the list goes on. But I was up for trying Ant. Why? 

Because nature always has the most fantastic compounds. And didn’t Sean Connery cure a disease in the jungle using ants? (ok, that was the real reason.) 

Truthfully, I’d take a chance on something natural any-day before experimenting with anything processed, chemical, or man-made.  

And… the Ant Juice?? Well, I’m sad to say that after trying to carry my date over my head, I did not transform into Ant-Woman. That said, Ant Juice just might be an interesting natural compound added to energy drinks - coming to a refrigerator case near you. Promoters are hoping to find evidence of its ability to affect the pancreas, which would be amazing! So stay tuned.  And next time you see an Ant, just think that he and his 3 billion buddies may be the future of Natural Energy Drinks. 

I’m sure this is unrelated, but I think I smell cake in another town..….


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