Baby's Tummy Trouble?

We’re making our own Organic Baby Gripe Water today. And with so many on the market, why would we bother making our own? Glad you asked. For starters, let's talk about Gripe water. It treats baby’s gas and upset tummy, cramps, and all around discomfort, and has been a nursery staple for over a hundred years. Early Gripe water contained alcohol and a few other things we don’t give babies anymore. 

Keeping babies comfortable and mommies sane through the first few months of a new baby’s life, while their little body learns to digest milk - can be a difficult experience for everyone. There’s nothing quite as painful as watching your tiny baby cry from digestive gas and stomach cramps. It’s excruciating pain for the baby and can be emotionally traumatizing for parents. And so, many new moms turn to commercial Gripe Water to relieve their baby’s pain.

I took the long route to answer the first question. Why would we bother making our own? Because in September 2019, 9 (nine) different brands of Gripe Water were pulled off the market in Canada. They tested positive for microbes. And in September of 2020, another Gripe Water brand was recalled in the US for containing a parasite. 

In summary, Gripe water has earned a bad name, so we’re not calling ours Gripe Water. Because ours is really nothing like gripe water. It’s simple, safe, organic and clean - and if you make your own, you’ll know it’s safe.


Start with the cleanest water you can find. If your baby is having trouble digesting milk or formula, we strongly suggest you not use tap or bottled water which contains chlorine and other water chemicals. Distilled or purified water that comes in a glass container is best. 

Our formula for Baby Tummy Trouble:

Organic Fresh Ginger Root. Peeled and sliced 1 teaspoon

Organic Fennel Seed 1 teaspoon

Organic Chamomile Flowers ¼ teaspoon

Organic Lemon Balm ¼ teaspoon

Organic Passion Flower ¼ teaspoon

Bring 2 cups of clean distilled or purified water to a boil. Remove from the heat.  Add these herbs together and spoon them into a tightly woven tea bag. (You don’t want any herb residue in the water).

Allow the tea to steep for 30 minutes, then remove the herbs and strain the tea again if needed to ensure no herb particles remain.

Store your tea in a small glass container and refrigerate up to 10 days.

To use, gently warm (no microwave) and carefully place in the inside corner of the baby's mouth. Make sure your baby is fully awake and not crying. We suggest finding a plastic or soft baby-safe dropper or measuring tool. We use 1ml, which is about ⅕ (one fifth) of a teaspoon for each 10 lbs of weight. 

Before introducing anything new into your baby’s regime, please discuss this with your baby’s pediatrician, or the healthcare provider of your choice. 


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