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Regroup - Making a comeback!


2020 has been one heck of a year so far. We hear from so many that tell us they feel dazed, disoriented, or disillusioned, and not sure how to move forward. 

It’s possible that there has never been a moment in our collective generations where it’s been more important to think with a clear mind, and move with re-energized bodies and spirits as we launch into the future. 

And so for all of us, we’ve formulated 'Regroup', for each of us that learned to stop, regroup, and redirect ourselves after getting knocked off-track. A true formula for Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

These herbs have been, and are still used by Olympians, Yogis, and Scholars. 

One of these herbs is used by modern day Olympians to maximize performance without drugs. Other herbs boost mental clarity and oxygen to the brain. Another herb proves stronger than St John's wort against depression, and yet another herb sharpens memory. This 'Regroup' formula is for all determined to step back into the frey and reclaim their path forward.

With no caffeine, these herbs provide natural high-energy, mental clarity, and resolve to carry you back into the currents of life!


Regroup - by Herbellum Institute.


Eleuthero    3 parts

Reishi Mushroom     2 parts

Cordyceps      2 parts

Ginkgo      1.5 parts

Lotus Seed      1 part

Rhodiola      1 part


Locate all herbs as organic, dried herbs. If using fresh, dry for several days until your herbs crackle when crushed. Measure and mix the dry herbs together according to the ratios listed above, and use 2 teaspoons of blended herb for each cup of water. Bring filtered or purified water to a boil, then remove from heat. Add the herbs and cover, steeping for at least 30 minutes until you have a very rich, strong tea. If you feel any jitters at all, reduce your tea blend to 1 teaspoon for every cup of water. You can dilute this further as needed, in order to achieve a level of energy conducive to your body and preferences. 

1 cup every 2 hours as desired. Drink iced or warm.

You can use these same ratios of herbs if you prefer making a capsule or tincture.


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