Certified Herbal Anxiety Coach

anxiety certification Jan 05, 2021

The world seems to be moving online, from learning and eCommerce to meetings, coaching, and even business. Have you thought about starting an online business? Maybe marketing something you know and love?

You may know me - I’m Janie Ross, Master Herbal Practitioner, and Instructor for our Anxiety courses at Herbellum Institute. I used to teach a full Herbal Medicine curriculum in a college to Doctors and Health professionals for Continuing Education Credits. 

When we created Herbellum Institute, we realized that not everyone wants to become an Herbalist. But I learned from having a private practice that everyone seems interested in a safe, Herbal, natural solution to their own health concern. 

So we broke our Herbal Curriculum down into bite-sized pieces, allowing people like you to focus on health challenges that are personal. Relevant to you. Health issues that you might be dealing with right now. Which is why our most urgently popular courses today are those we offer on Anxiety. It’s no surprise that Anxiety has gripped our population. There are no accurate statistics to tell us - just how many people are suffering from anxiety today. With the world in its current state, the number is unimaginable.

So many people are struggling, and they're looking for a safe and simple way to address their anxiety - one that really works

This is exactly why we decided to offer a Certification option with our Anxiety Immersion Course. For those students that complete our immersion course on anxiety, they will gain the knowledge to understand a range of anxiety symptoms, common drugs typically prescribed to treat anxiety and their (scary) side effects, and of course - a host of medicinal Herbs that safely and effectively address anxiety symptoms. Herbal formulas that really work, and all the science to support why they absolutely do. Our graduates will know and understand exactly how to manage their own anxiety, how to mix and formulate herbs to create a host of natural aids from AnxieTEA to even our strongest formulas for panic attack. 

And for the students that complete our Immersion Course, we offer an opportunity to take our exam. It’s not easy, and you’ll have to work to pass the exam. But for those who read the studies, take notes, and refer back to their coursework in our open-book exam, they will earn the privilege of becoming Certified by Herbellum Institute as an Herbal Anxiety Coach. 

With this Certification, our graduates are confident in reaching out and supporting others who struggle with Anxiety, coaching and guiding them to better health. And as a Certified Herbal Anxiety Coach, they have the credibility to be taken seriously. This is not a digital download. We create a beautiful, embossed, hand-signed document to Certify their qualification to coach others. The Herbellum Institute Certification will assure their clients that they have earned this certification, and it comes with knowledge, skills, and the ability to help others make a difference. We want to prepare our graduates with the skills and understanding to manage their own Anxiety, and then teach and coach others to do the same. 

We challenge you to manage your own Anxiety. Without drugs or their side effects. And once you’ve learned to manage your own Anxiety, you’re ready to reach out and help others. So very many need your help. 

 You found your way here for a reason. If you were waiting for a sign - this is it.  

Let’s get started. 



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