Dad's Planting Brew

My Dad’s Budweiser Planting Brew

My Dad grew legendary veggies. In fact, at his memorial service, we gave away seed packets with his custom label and cartoon face. ‘Bob’s swanky tomatoes’. 

So what was his secret? That’s right - he passed along this legacy to me, and I know he’ll be proud to have you carry on this classy tradition. He called it his ‘planting brew’. It was the raunchiest stuff around, but how could we argue with success? Year after year he grew giant, happy, healthy veggies. 

Dad’s secret: 

Start by digging 6” x 12” holes 12” apart. BTW, those holes need to be perfectly straight (you just got a flash into my childhood.) For each hole, mix the following: 

  • Manure. 1 cup. No fancy fertilizer for this guy, just straight-outta-the-barn poop. 
  • Epsom salts.  1 tbsp. 
  • ½ Bottle of Budweiser. A can was ok, but his plants preferred it from the bottle. 

Mix these super-stinky parts in a bucket (yah, that was usually my job). Slosh around and pour into the hole. Break up the roots on your plant and pop it into the hole, or drop in the seed. Cover with soil and in about 8 weeks, veggie magic.

Let the legend live on!!




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