From Plants to Pills - Alzheimer’s

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2020

In each Newsletter, we’ll discuss a different drug that was made from a medicinal plant. Our goal is to share information about the extensive use of plant medicine by drug manufacturers, and remind us of the incredible healing power of plants.

Today, we’ll take a look at a drug that is marketed under the name Reminyl®.  The scientific name used by the manufacturer is Galantamine, and it is commonly prescribed to people with mild to moderate dementia, related to Alzheimer’s. Although the marketing information is clear that it does not provide a cure, it does indicate that Reminyl® may help to rebalance neurotransmitters and slow or improve concentration, confusion, and other symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

The Alzheimer’s online forum called includes this on their website about Galatamine, ‘More than 90 clinical trials have evaluated galantamine's effect on Alzheimer's and other conditions. Overall, they find a consistent symptomatic benefit on cognition and clinical measures in AD (Alzheimer's Disease). 

Research published in the Journal of EthnoPharmacology states that ‘Galantamine has become an important therapeutic option used to slow down the process of neurological degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease.’ 

So what’s the source of the drug Galantamine / Reminyl®? 

A delicate flowering plant called Galanthus Woronowii Losinsk. (Don’t feel bad. I can’t say it either.)  Thankfully, it has a common name: the SnowDrop. 

This little beauty originated in Southern Russia where it was harvested, studied, and patented by drug companies in Russia for patients with dementia and the complications of Alzheimer’s. 

The SnowDrop plant continues to be harvested and used as a raw material to make Galantamine, a patented drug for Alzheimer’s and Dementia - throughout Russia, Western Europe, and the US. 


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