Herbal Face Scrub


Herbal Face Scrub For Glowing Skin

Why Exfoliate? It removes the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of our skin. Without consistent exfoliation, our skin starts to thicken as the old cells build up, which causes crevices and fine lines.

No thanks!! Bring on the exfoliation! 

But not just anything gritty will do! Studies on exfoliation have taken a close look at skin before and after exfoliation with cheap ingredients like ground apricot pits or walnut shells. The sharp edges of these ingredients look like broken glass under a microscope, and they leave tiny lesions on the surface of our skin - allowing bacteria and preservatives to get into the layers of our skin. So instead, let’s make an organic custom blended exfoliator, specific to your skin type. 

Your scrub formula should contain only the things from our formula that you need, because we all know, everyone’s skin is different. I’ll review a short list of highly effective exfoliants, and show you how to use them in an easy, effect scrub. Be sure and watch the video that accompanies this post. 

OK, first we have Rice Powder. You may have seen a recent post we did on Rice Water for skin, where we told you about some research done on rice water (used extensively for skin care throughout Asia.) The research confirmed that rice water is biocompatible with human skin and acts as an elastase inhibitor, protecting the skin cells from breaking down. Because it’s the starch in the rice that has the magic, I use Arborio Rice. For this scrub formula, just run it through your clean coffee grinder and you’ll have a quick rice powder. For a finer grind, you can buy rice flour, but you won’t know what type of rice it’s made with. 

Next, you might consider Oat Flour. If your skin is sensitive, or you suffer from redness, inflammation, or itchiness, oat flour is a scrub ingredient for you. Dermatologists continue to recommend oat-based products to their patients that suffer from itchy skin due to allergies or eczema. Despite its healing effects, oat flour has enough gentle grittiness to remove any dead skin cell who is trying to create a wrinkle. 

Black Seed is also commonly known by its botanical name, Nigella Sativa, and it contains over 100 vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, making it a super-nutrient in your scrub formula. Black seed might be right for your formula is you have trouble with bacterial infections, inflammation, or fungal infections on your skin. It’s an expensive ingredient in comparison with the others in our formulary, but it might be a great luxury addition for it’s powerful nutritional and healing content. 

Calendula powder is next, and we think this belongs in just about every skincare product. Calendula is deeply moisturizing while it soothes irritated skin. Calendula will be an important addition if your skin becomes red or agitated by exfoliation, due to its fast calming and restorative effect. 

 Lavender has been used in French skincare products maybe since the beginning of skin! Lavender contains a unique blend of terpenes which skincare manufacturers insist will slow the aging process. My research did verify the terpene profile of Lavender makes it vital for your scrub formula as it will help you eliminate psoriasis, eczema, or acne.  

Lastly, but never least, is Adzuki Bean powder. Also featured in a recent post, I mentioned that Adzuki, also called Red Mung Bean, is perfect for extra sensitive skin due to its low viscosity. It's almost slippery consistency won’t irritate delicate skin but it still has good exfoliating capability. Adzuki is also a natural saponin so it will create suds and bubbles like a soap. Adzuki Bean powder makes a terrific addition if your skin is sensitive to more abrasive exfoliants. 

Now, just choose the herbs and compounds that suit the needs of your skin type.  For example, if you have occasional breakouts, be sure and include Lavender, Black seed, and Rice powder. If you suffer from itchy skin, allergies, or eczema, focus on an oat flour, Calendula, Lavender, Adzuki formula. Anti-aging? That’s me, and I use all of these. 

Grind the ingredients until they look like powder. Your coffee grinder might not be enough so you might try your blender, or a grain mill.  Keep your herbs in a tightly sealed container near your sink, along with a bottle of vegetable glycerine. Anytime you want to exfoliate your skin, just take a teaspoon - tablespoon scoop of herb powder, reseal the jar, and add about a teaspoon of veggie glycerine, and mix in the palm of your hand. This beautiful, instant, fresh scrub formula is shelf stable as long as you keep the dry ingredients dry, and will provide you with a customized and chemical-free exfoliation, for glowing skin every time.


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