Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance - simplified

Type 2 Diabetes may be remembered as the epidemic of the Baby Boomer generation. Avoidable and even reversible, Type 2 Diabetes is a result of a cascade of problems stemming from a toxic and deficient diet. 

And the first place that typically breaks down? Leptin and Insulin receptors. Too much sugar, carbs, and saturated fats actually cause damage (think corrosion) to these receptors that start to fail.  Each organ, hormone cycle, and sensor is affected. 

Stage one. The first stage appears to be the clogging of cell receptors with fatty acids. And where do they come from? Our toxic, deficient diet. Sugar, carbs, and saturated fat. 

Stage two. Now, the clogged cells can’t hear the doorbell when insulin arrives with glucose.

Stage three. Insulin has to do something with this glucose, so it stimulates fat cell growth (belly fat) and uses the fat cells as glucose storage units. 

Stage four. Meanwhile your pancreas senses the extra glucose, freaks out and makes more insulin. Which by the way, raises risks of cancer and heart disease, but we’ll save that for another post.

Stage five. Your cells aren’t getting glucose - so you’re tired and hungry. And you crave Sugar, carbs, and saturated fat. 

You see the problem.

Last week, we shared a formula to work on dissolving the fatty acids that started the whole problem. Particularly in the liver. 

This week, we’ll talk about the next stage of healing. Insulin Resistance. How do we help that glucose move into your cells?  With our formula for Insulin Resistance.

Insulin Resistance Formula

The only real way to clear up Insulin Resistance is to Clean up the diet, and remove the fatty acid deposits in the liver and cells that block insulin. 

After you’ve started the Liver Fatty Acid formula we’ve already posted, add this formula to encourage Insulin response and begin the sugar balancing process (which we’ll focus on next week.)

Berberine1 part

This compound is an alkaloid found in a range of herbs including Coptis, Mahonia, Berberis, and others. Studies tell us that Berberine has various actions, including lowering blood glucose, regulating blood lipids and reducing inflammation in addition to its antioxidant activity, helping to reawaken insulin sensitivity. 

Baicalin Chinensis - (Chinese skullcap) - 2 parts

Baicalin suppresses body weight gain and the conversion of excess glucose to visceral fat. Also guards against increases in serum cholesterol and the free fatty acids that clog up the works due to bad diet, while guarding against insulin concentrations.  

Momordica Charantia - (Bitter Melon) - 2 parts

Bitter Melon continues to garner sharp attention from pharmaceutical companies that are intrigued by its ability to affect insulin levels. According to this clinical study, scientists say,  Firstly, it (Bitter Melon) can regulate how much glucose is absorbed by the gut into the blood following a meal, and secondly, it can stimulate glucose uptake into skeletal muscle cells just like insulin.”


Using dried herb parts, measure and blend herbs together in the ratios above. Using 1 tsp of herb matter for each cup of water, make an infusion, allowing the herb to steep until the water has cooled enough to drink (at least 30 minutes). Strain and sip. Up to 6 cups daily for 6 weeks to help restore insulin activity. 


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