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Liver Fat Dissolver


Let’s start with today's formula to reduce fat in the liver. This is ground zero in your fight against Diabetes. 

Before you jump into this formula, we recommend you read the previous post about Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and the conundrum we’ve created with our Western diet. Diabetes is no longer a problem of the developed Western world. We’ve shared our bad habits, chemical foods, and pesticide-covered rice and corn with second and third-world countries who now show increasing Diabetes and Obesity in their populations for the first time. 

This formula attacks the break-down at the beginning stages. Before high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and before kidney damage. In the beginning, there is accumulation of fat in the liver. This formula helps to remove it by increasing Liver Lipid Metabolism. 

  • Lycium barbarum (Goji Berry) - Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Lycium has been used to support the liver and eyes. In recent studies, Lycium was found to also protect the optic nerves and lower lipid (fat) levels in the blood, as well as creating a significant decrease in glucose levels among diabetic test subjects at 100 mg /kg. 


  • Camellia Sinensis - commonly known as Green Tea, Camellia was studied for its potential impact on lipid metabolism, and stabilization of blood sugar. The researchers state ‘Our findings clearly showed that the oral administration of green tea extract at a dose of 200 mg/Kg improved the glycemic control and even returned the serum glucose levels to the normal values.’ 


  • Silybum marianum - commonly known as Milk Thistle or Blessed Thistle.  We’ve published a lot of information and study detail in previous blogs about the scientifically supported strength of Milk Thistle in the liver. Metabolizing liver fat, liver protectant, and even synergizing compounds to regenerate damaged liver tissue are just a few of Milk Thistles’ super-powers. 


  • Berberine - Another super-star from the herb world, Berberine is actually a compound found in several herbs. Corydalis Radix, Goldenseal, Goldenthread, Mahonia, Coptis Chinensis and a few others. See our IG post video on Berberines for an up-close look. Berberine is not only a strong insulin and blood sugar balancer, but metabolizes (moves and burns) liver fat to protect the body from transitioning from pre-diabetic to Diabetic. 


We blend the herbs in these specific ratios for the purpose of clearing fat from the liver.

Berberine (from any organic source) - 3 parts

Silybum marianum - 2 parts

Camellia sinensis - 1 part

Lycium barbarum - 3 parts

If you buy these, we suggest finding them in a form called ‘Cut and Sifted’ or C/S. This means the herbs have been dried, cut into small pieces, and sifted to remove any chunks or twigs. It’s the perfect way to use herbs if you want to make tea. 

The first few times I make a formula, I make a very small quantity. So for ‘parts’, I might use 1 teaspoon. Or ½ teaspoon. Once I am happy with the blend, I might increase my measuring tool to a larger size. 

Blend the herbs together and mix them completely. Use 1 teaspoon of blended Liver formula for every one cup of hot water. Steep for 10 minutes, strain, and drink. 

To overcome pre-diabetic or diabetic state, drink up to 8 cups daily for 60 days. Then have your blood sugar (blood glucose) retested. 

To your best health,



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