Planting an Herbal Medicine Garden

Even the frostiest climates have passed the mid-April threshold for starting a summer garden. With the intense focus on our health and safety in recent months, it feels right to move the tomatoes and cucumbers over a smidge and make way for an Herbal Medicine Garden. 

Community gardens are becoming more common, spurred by our recent experiences with food and medicine shortages, and word on the street is that gardens and growing our own food and medicine are making a big comeback! 

If you’ve followed our work for long, you know that when we plant herbs, there is a science-based medicinal purpose for each one. Every herb is an important part of a healing herbal formula which we’ll help you create throughout the summer or at harvest time.

So, what to plant? How do the herbs work together? And what will you make from all these herbs when they’re ready to harvest? All great questions, which we’ll walk you through with each passing week in our Newsletter. But first, you get to personalize your garden choices.


Skin Care garden.

These herbs are packed with emollients and skin healing properties that heal dry hands and feet, heal blisters & burns, and even ease fine lines. From beauty tonics to anti-aging skin care formulas, these are some of the foundational beauties you’ll need! 




Marshmallow Root

Plantain Leaf


Aloe Vera



Relax and Renewal Tea Garden

If you or a family member struggles with anxiety, a few powerful herbs are easy to grow. Plant these now and we’ll guide you on making a soothing tea and calming balm to keep all the frazzled nerves settled. Try planting these:

Lemon Balm



California Poppy

Stevia Leaf

Holy Basil

Passion Flower

German Chamomile


First Aid Garden

The First Aid Garden likely resembles something our great-grandmothers grew. These herbs were harvested to care for their families during each summer, and others were prepared and stored for use through the winter. Although they may have wild-harvested what they could, they needed to grow most of these staples necessary for first aid. Remember, we’ll be walking you through the harvest and formulation each week, so for now, just get these babies in the ground!

Lemon Balm



Echinacea Augustifolia


Ginger Root

California Poppy

Plantain Leaf



Red Clover





Planting Tips:

Plant Invasive herbs like Lemon Balm in pots if you can, as they tend to be garden hogs and may spread over more space than you planned. A few herbs like Valerian will require that you harvest the root, so planting them when they are already 6” or larger will give you an excellent head start. Others like Calendula are very generous and will reseed throughout the summer, giving you a much larger harvest than you may have expected.


Each week in the newsletter during the gardening season, we’ll show you a healing medicinal herb formula that you can make from the herbs in one of our Medicinal Herb Gardens. 

We hope you love getting into the soil as much as we do. And please feel great knowing that you are taking care of yourself and your family, just like our great-grandmothers did. 

We'll be with you the whole way! 


Xo, Herbellum


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