Root Beer Tea


Root Beer Tea

There are dozens of versions of this old recipe, and I think we’ve got one of the best. If you love root beer, you’ll probably love our naturally sweet, nostalgic old tea formula.


Our Root Beer tea contains most of the traditional Root Beer ingredients, including Sassafras and Sarsaparilla, even though the FDA required those ingredients to be removed from commercial Root Beer some years ago. In one clinical study, well-meaning researchers fed gobs of Sarsaparilla to some mice, and they developed liver cancer. The compound in both Sassafras and Sarsaparilla, called Safrole, can cause cancer in mice when consumed in very large quantities. And so, the FDA gave these two amazing herbs the axe, even though nutmeg, cinnamon, and several other herbs also contain Safrole, and were left on the market. Point is, I want to advise you to please not eat your bodyweight in Sarsaparilla - just in case. 


This also means that today's commercial Root Beer is made with less-than-original flavors. Usually something called ‘natural flavors’, which is code for could-be-anything. 

I think our tea blend comes pretty close to original Root Beer!

Sarsaparilla 6x

Sassafras 3x

Wintergreen 1x

Ginger 1x

Licorice Root .5x

Burdock Root .125x

Clove .125x

Hops .125x

Stevia leaf .125x


And a dash of each of these for a total of .125x



Juniper berry

Wild Cherry Bark

Yellow Dock

Prickly Ash Bark

Fennel Seed

Anise Seed


Combine the herbs and steep by the cup or in a large glass container in the sun.


Either way, we hope you enjoy this rich, Root Beer goodness! 


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