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There’s something in the Water.

chemicals hydration water Aug 05, 2020

Drinking-Water Experiment

Ok - warned you. I’m unwavering when it comes to the quality of our drinking water. It's truly our most precious resource and the last few generations have essentially peed in the global pool. (As if that’s all we’ve done)

You drink ‘Bottled Water’ you say. Sadly, the FDA uses the same water standard as the EPA, so both bottled water and tap water adhere to the same water standard. The trouble with bottled water is - even if your plastic is BPA-free, your body is now inundated with microplastics, which are microscopic shards of plastic from the bottles. We didn’t know that was a thing until scientists started finding microplastics in marine life. 

If you didn’t catch the last blogs on my water-rant, I reviewed the FDA, EPA, and local water treatment plants, and their inability to keep up with our pollution frenzie. To keep the water flowing, they’ve had to bump up the level of what they consider ‘acceptable’ contaminants. (How about none - thankyouverymuch!)

And today, I have one more story for you. 

This happened in Sacramento, California. 

The water treatment staff was testing the Sacramento water for contaminants and was struggling to bring the toxin levels down to a safe threshold. (is there a ‘Safe’ threshold for toxins??) 

Anyway, they decided to try adding a new chemical to the drinking water. One that would hopefully capture more of the gunk and pull it to the bottom of the water tanks. It was also less expensive than other approved chemicals. 

And so they added this new chemical to the water. But two things went wrong. 

Firstly, the chemical didn’t work. For a year, they added this new chemical to the municipal water in Sacramento hoping for an improvement, but it only ADDED to the chemical load of the already-contaminated water. 

Second problem? They didn’t tell anyone they had added the chemical. Oooops. 

Residents were sick and didn’t know why.  No one knew the chemical was being added until it was accidentally discovered. This happened in Sacramento, the capital city of California. 

Do we get an annual water quality report? Yes! I just read my annual water report. 

I know a bit more about water than the average person, along with most of their buzzwords, and I still couldn’t make sense of it.

My point? 

Please don’t settle for whatever comes your way. You deserve fresh, genuinely clean water. So go get some and stay healthfully hydrated!!  Xo, Janie

Next week: I’ll review water filters and help you understand what they do, and mostly don’t do, and talk about the water I drink and why. Nope, I don’t sell them and won’t mention brands. 


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