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Toxic Eating

Many people haven’t heard the term ‘Toxic Eating’ so for simplification, we’ll use a car as an example. Putting water in a gas tank fills the space, but can almost certainly ruin the inside of the gas tank. The water can’t be burned through the fuel system, and must be drained from the tank, or the engine won’t start.  I’m no mechanic (understatement) but I believe it’s quite a difficult problem to repair.

Consider Toxic eating in a similar way. Garbage foods with empty calories might fill up the space inside us, even taste good, but we underestimate the damage they do once those chemicals get inside our bodies. And contrary to popular belief,

the junk doesn’t just ‘pass through’ us, but rather, it gets trapped in our cells, creating inflammation, and corroding us from the inside out. 

As we dig into the root cause of disease, and this month Diabetes in particular, we’ll take a look at our bodies as an extension of what we put into them or do to them, and face the uncomfortable reality that we truly can be nothing other than exactly what we eat. 

Today, I’m sharing a few highlights from an article published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. The article titled ‘The Hidden Dangers of Fast and Processed Foods’ written by renowned Dr Joel Fuhrman, takes broad strokes across disease, economics, and our need to finally take responsibility for what we eat. In a few pages of straight-talking science-based statistics, you’ll come away with the sick recognition that we’ve been lulled into believing we can safely eat pretty much anything that fits into our pie-holes. And if it makes us sick, there’s a pill to fix it. The sad truth is, as of 2018, Obesity in the US hit 71%, with no pill or magic bullet to fix the myriad of health issues created by our bad diets.

The article says it so much better than I could, and is written by a highly reputable Doctor (and I’m not always a fan) but this one is particularly interesting. I encourage you to find the article in full here

I don’t think we can outrun the truth anymore. We are what we eat. And our human engines will run based on what goes into the tank. So the question is, are you choosing to go through life as a race car? A cruiser? Or a clunker?


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