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Finding peace within.

 It’s a struggle to find words that describe how we feel about our world today. So I won’t try.

Our focus remains on you, your safety, and your physical and mental health.

Thank you for asking such insightful questions. How DO you find your footing when the ground is still shaking? How can you move forward and re-engage when you aren’t ready to leave the safety of your home?

There’s only one path I've ever found to peace, security, and calm, and it doesn’t exist in a place, thing, or in other people. 

According to this study, mindfulness meditation generated measurable inner peace.  Going within, sitting with yourself, taking stock of all the good things. Gratitude after all, is the precursor of Hope.

Some people meditate, do yoga, take long walks, listen to music. All vital ways to find soothing comfort and inner peace. 

I’m guessing that your Peace may only come from within you too. And if the meditation, walks, yoga and music aren’t enough?

We’ve developed an herbal formula called ‘Within’ to help you connect with some inner peace, reflect on what is right with the world, and find a positive way forward.

Herbs in our formula have the remarkable ability to reduce: 

Anxiety, stress, and depression, and improve your ability to focus.  Often used for PTSD, these herbs address situational anxiety, rather than clinical anxiety - meaning, you may not have felt like this before. And that’s ok. Our world has never been exactly like this before.

Our formulary herbs have been clinically proven to "alleviate depression induced by Chronic Unpredictable Stress".

That’s a direct quote from the study. 

Sounds like a formula for our time.

It’s easy to make, and we hope you’ll find some grounding, inner peace, and a more positive outlook for your future. 


Herbellum’s WITHIN Formula

Bramhi - (sometimes called Bacopa) - 3 x

Gotu Kola - 2 x

Tulsi - 2 x

Passion Flower - 1 x

White Sage - .5 x

‘X’ represents the ratio of each herb in the formula and can be any quantity you choose. Typical choices might be 1 Tablespoon, 1 Teaspoon, or 1 cup. Just be consistent throughout your formula. 

Start with 4 cups of the cleanest water you can get. Ionized and Alkaline if possible. 

Bring the water to a boil, then remove from heat. 

Using 1 tsp of herbs for every 1 cup of water, add the herbs to the water and steep for 30 minutes. Strain and sip. 


To you finding peace, calm, and focus.

Our hearts are with you.

Xo Janie


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