Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance - simplified

Type 2 Diabetes may be remembered as the epidemic of the Baby Boomer generation. Avoidable and even reversible, Type 2 Diabetes is a result of a cascade of problems stemming from a toxic and deficient diet. 

And the first place that typically breaks down? Leptin and Insulin receptors. Too much sugar, carbs, and saturated fats actually cause damage (think corrosion) to these receptors that start to fail.  Each organ, hormone cycle, and sensor is affected. 

Stage one. The first stage appears to be the clogging of cell receptors with fatty acids. And where do they come from? Our toxic, deficient diet. Sugar, carbs, and saturated fat. 

Stage two. Now, the clogged cells can’t hear the doorbell when insulin arrives with glucose.

Stage three. Insulin has to do something with this glucose, so it stimulates fat cell growth (belly fat) and uses the fat cells as glucose storage units. 

Stage four. Meanwhile your pancreas senses...

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AlltogetHerb - Goji Berry

diabetes goji liver Jul 15, 2020

Lycium barbarum, also known as Wolfberry. It looks like an orange Cranberry. Maybe you’ve seen Goji berry on smoothie menus or on the shelves at health food stores. 

With the botanical name Lycium barbarum, and commonly known as WolfBerry, Lycium has been around a very long time. Used since 200 B.C. in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Lycium supports the liver and eyes.  

In recent studies, Lycium was found to also protect the optic nerves, and lower lipid (fat) levels in the blood, as well as creating a significant decrease in glucose levels among diabetic test subjects. 

Goji berry benefits were even documented in “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing,” a historical TCM medicine book filled with the magical, herbal medicinal knowledge of the Chinese emperor Shen Nong. It’s the oldest book on Chinese herbs in existence today. 

Lycium is a key herb in our formulas for Diabetics and pre-diabetics, due to its ability to disrupt fat formation in...

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Liver Fat Dissolver


Let’s start with today's formula to reduce fat in the liver. This is ground zero in your fight against Diabetes. 

Before you jump into this formula, we recommend you read the previous post about Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and the conundrum we’ve created with our Western diet. Diabetes is no longer a problem of the developed Western world. We’ve shared our bad habits, chemical foods, and pesticide-covered rice and corn with second and third-world countries who now show increasing Diabetes and Obesity in their populations for the first time. 

This formula attacks the break-down at the beginning stages. Before high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and before kidney damage. In the beginning, there is accumulation of fat in the liver. This formula helps to remove it by increasing Liver Lipid Metabolism. 

  • Lycium barbarum (Goji Berry) - Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Lycium has been used to support the liver and eyes. In recent...
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Diabetes. Up close and personal.

diabetes diet insulin Jul 15, 2020

I sat next to my dad in his final hours. His body was finally giving up after years of fighting off the sugar and insulin imbalance. His kidneys just couldn’t function anymore and were now damaged beyond repair. They were no longer filtering his blood and the toxins were building up beyond his body’s ability to tolerate. His major organs were shutting down.

This is a Diabetic outcome for millions of people. In fact, according to the ADA, more people die each year from Diabetes, than from AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. 

Why has Diabetes continued to explode in the Western developed world? 

Is our diet THAT bad? 

YES.  It is far more dangerous than you've been led to believe.  

In fact, up-and-coming countries that get aid from developed Western countries often adopt some of our Western trends, including our dietary habits. And within a few short years, the effects of our bad influence begins to show up in their population with rising rates...

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Medicine Garden: Mullein

Verbascum thapsus, commonly known as Mullein, is a medicinal herb easily spotted along roadsides, in open grassy areas or pastures, and has been used to treat inflammatory lung and breathing disorders for centuries. Mullein’s ability to work with other phyto-antibiotics in our Ear Infection formula, make it a vital member of your home first aid kit. 

In the last decade, commercial interest in Mullein has been skyrocketing. Clinical studies on its ability to fight Tuberculosis (TB) revealed startling results. 

The researches state; “While the chemical drugs currently used against TB were synthetically engineered, natural compounds are once again playing a bigger role in the fight against TB. Plant extracts have been shown to be capable of inhibition comparable to that of Streptomycin, have shown activity against multidrug resistant TB, and have been shown to improve the immune response to TB both in vitro and in clinical trials.” 


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Ant Juice - An ant rant

Ugh. Everyday I notice at least one wandering Ant following the lingering scent of yesterday's cupcake. Or toothpaste. Or…. broccoli. (No kidding, my ants even eat broccoli.)  These ants are the ‘scouts’ that spend much of their time scrounging for any possible food source, then sending the ant-signal back up to the hill for reinforcements. 

(Does this have anything to do with herbs? Well kind of. Stay with me.)

What do we know that is particularly unique about Ants? 

#1 Driven. They are incessant. Ants are never-giver-uppers. 

#2 Super-strength. They can carry up to 50 times their body weight over their heads. 

#3 Superior team-work. Ants can signal their entire community with their antennae and the team responds with super-ant procision.

#4 They can smell cake in the next town. 

And with this information, someone in East Asia many years ago in a what-the-heck moment, decided to make a drink out of ants. It caught on and the juice of...

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bug repellant mosquitos Jul 10, 2020

I live on top of an oak tree, so I’m used to interacting with my share of bugs. We have a general understanding that we leave each other alone, but sometimes they get a little too friendly. I’ve found that an organic bug / mosquito repellant is the best way to say ‘Bug Off’ without putting anything toxic on my skin.

This DIY Bug / Mosquito repellent uses a group of herbal aromatics that bugs and mosquitos don’t like, so they keep their distance. It’s easy to make by infusing these fresh herbs, or you can use essential oils, which are faster to use, but can be more expensive. 

I’ll walk you through both options - 


Herbal Infused No-squito

Citronella Leaf. 4 parts

This beauty from the mint family is a powerful mosquito repellent and is a common ingredient in most outdoor bug repellent candles and organic sprays. 

Lemongrass 2 parts

Available at many grocery stores, this is easy to find and adds another level of bug...

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Medicine Garden - Lavender

harvest lavender Jul 10, 2020

Lavender is antiseptic, aromatic, and astringent, and eases flare-ups caused by eczema and psoriasis. The word Lavender is from the Greek word Lavare, which means ‘to wash’, indicating its use in skin and topical treatments for thousands of years. 

Harvesting Lavender is an easy process, ongoing throughout the summer months. Start now and you’ll have plenty of Lavender when we start making skin care treatments later this summer.

Cut the lavender in the late morning if possible. Rinse it and hang to dry. Harvest before noon, after the dew has evaporated, but before the heat of the day. Cut the stems low in the plant, bundle and tie them. Hang them blossom-side down in a cool dry place with the flower heads over a bowl or container. 

Each time you walk by, gently shake the lavender, which will give up the blossom seeds as it dries out. I learned this harvesting process from my brilliant friend who also taught me to love the sound of each seed...

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Diatomaceous earth

Ok, not an herb, but used to be Algae, so let's go with it!! Diatomaceous Earth is made up of tiny fossilized plankton that have settled to the bottom of freshwater lakes - and accumulated since time began. It has a white powdery clay consistency making it easy to use, transport, and store.

No, it’s not a poison - to bugs or people, so it’s safe to use around pets and children. (But don't breathe it)

Because it’s made up of tiny fossilized algae, if you looked at it under a microscope, it would look like tiny chex cereal. When bugs crawl over it - the tiny jagged edges poke the bugs and they croak on the spot.

Which bugs? Diatomaceous earth is a terrific, organic, non-toxic way to stop ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, crickets, ants, (did I say ANTS!?)

Lots of gardeners mix Diatomaceous earth into their potting soil or sprinkle it around their plants to keep bugs away. It’s safe to leave near ant hills, or to create a...

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Regroup - Making a comeback!


2020 has been one heck of a year so far. We hear from so many that tell us they feel dazed, disoriented, or disillusioned, and not sure how to move forward. 

It’s possible that there has never been a moment in our collective generations where it’s been more important to think with a clear mind, and move with re-energized bodies and spirits as we launch into the future. 

And so for all of us, we’ve formulated 'Regroup', for each of us that learned to stop, regroup, and redirect ourselves after getting knocked off-track. A true formula for Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

These herbs have been, and are still used by Olympians, Yogis, and Scholars. 

One of these herbs is used by modern day Olympians to maximize performance without drugs. Other herbs boost mental clarity and oxygen to the brain. Another herb proves stronger than St John's wort against depression, and yet another herb sharpens memory. This 'Regroup' formula is for all determined...

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