Commonly known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero is not actually a member of the ginseng family. True ginseng can be too ‘hot’ for some clients, creating too much stimulation to the nervous system, triggering heart palpitations, sweating, and increasing heart rate.

However, Eleuthero is known for its milder, gentler ability to create Olympian-level stamina, and is used today among many world-level athletes who want a drug-free competitive edge. 

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A Favorite garden staple of summers everywhere is the always bright and beautiful Geranium. Known for its ability to repel mosquitos, it's an important element of landscapes near patios, pools, and outdoor living spaces. And when it’s not playing a starring role in our ‘Bug Off’ spray formula, we also use Geranium in our Candida formula for yeast infection as well as our formula for ear infections. In fact, Geranium, along with two other key herbs, outperformed Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin in treating pediatric ear infections. If you want to try using Geranium for your own herbal healing, wait until after it begins to flower, and harvest the leaves only. 

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communitea kava Jun 24, 2020


Communication is the passageway of understanding and acceptance between all people. It includes not only our words, but our inflection and tone, our facial expressions, and our body language.  All of these elements register with the listener and create the overall message we are sending. 

As humans, we use communication to relate to one another. Our ability to share our ideas, while remaining open to the ideas of others is the characteristic that allows us to resolve disputes, misunderstandings, and conflicts.

Getting stuck in our own way of thinking is also a human trait, and is responsible for many of the conflicts that go unresolved. If only there was a way we could ease the stubbornness that traps us in our ‘need to be right’ which costs so many of us the peace and harmony we seek. 

And if I told you there there was actually a TEA that helps with that?  Nature never ceases to amaze me, but Yes, it’s true. 

Although we are much...

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Holy Basil / Tulsi

This vital herb plays a key role in the folk medicine of South Asia. It is considered one of the three most sacred herbs in India and is commonly planted outside of homes and temples where it is believed to purify and sanctify the air. Known as Tulsi in the East, Holy Basil has been used for thousands of years to sharpen awareness, aid in meditation and promote compassion. 

New studies reveal that this Holy plant truly does purify its surroundings by blocking Squamous cell cancer growth and blocking our exposure to radioactivity and radiation illness.

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AlltoghetHERB - Fennel

altogetherb fennel nausea Jun 24, 2020

Growing in tall stalks along damp roadways, or in meadows, giving off a strong licorice smell, is the always beautiful Fennel. You might have seen the stalk in the produce department. It looks like giant celery with fuzzy tops. And if you’ve wondered who buys that stuff (me) and what they do with it, (eat it on salad), you wouldn't be alone. But I’ll focus on the seed. That’s where the medicine is. 

If you are growing or harvesting Fennel as part of our Medicine Garden, you’ll be so happy to have this herb on hand. Fennel is a powerful carminative, which is a medical term meaning that it breaks up gas in the digestive system. 

In Ayurvedic tradition, most eastern dinner tables include an after-dinner dish of Mukhwas. It’s a small dish of seeds and might include Anise seed, Fennel, Caraway, and others. These seeds will not only freshen the breath, but also alleviate any gassy rumblings after a traditionally spicy meal. It is particularly...

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True Love - a Love Potion.

For each person we ask, there is a different answer to the question, ‘What is True Love’?

Trust. Respect, honesty and safety. Communication, commitment, and forgiveness. Connection, and an invisible bond. And the list goes on. 

As most of us know, the actions, behaviors, and our perceptions of what those behaviors mean between people generate emotional responses - which we call ‘Feelings’.  And when we experience these feelings, they can be quite physical.

We’ve all seen a movie where someone is walking along, minding their own business when they stop in their tracks and realize that they ‘feel’ love. At the risk of making all of our feelings sounds like a blob of chemistry, our feelings DO rely on quite a few hormones and neurotransmitters, which are firing in response to our perception of behaviors and actions of others. 

Researchers have actually tested people in love, to find that their blood has much higher ‘Neural...

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Alltogetherb: Calamus Root

alltogetherb calamus root Jun 17, 2020

Calamus Root

In the late 1500s, the Doctrine of Signatures was published. It proposed that plants resembled the part of the body it was designed to heal with a ‘signature’ of sorts. For example, if it looks like a brain (think Walnut), then it was thought to be healing for the brain. 

Calamus roots look like a spinal column. And although there is much evidence today that the Doctrine of Signatures is not an effective tool in identifying the healing mechanisms in plants, in the case of Calamus root, the resemblance between the Root and the human spinal column and brain stem - is remarkable. 

Calamus root is the subject of heavy research due to its profound effect on blood sugar and insulin, as well as it’s powerful mood modulator activity. Calamus root affects several key brain neurotransmitters including Serotonin, Dopamine, and GABA, making it an effective stabilizing and uplifting herb in many formulas for emotional health. 

It has been used in...

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The sun came out today, and the sky was (depending on where you live) probably fairly blue. Things are not back to normal as the world redefines ‘normal’. However, the job market appears to be zooming back to life and people are interacting again, even if it is through face-masks. 

Many friends have asked about herbs to help them fight depression and sadness over the state of the world.  There is so much to absorb and process, but the answer is yes - we do have an herbal formula that will help. 

Please let me start by clarifying that this is not an ‘Antidepressant’ formula. Depression is typically a chronic condition which means you may experience your symptoms over a longer period of time. It is ongoing. Today, many people are feeling something that researchers call ‘Situational Depression’ which is what we address with our formula called Uplift. 

Each of the herbs we’ve chosen play an important role in reducing...

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Herbal Medicine Garden- Stevia & Valerian Root


You’ve heard me talk about it in videos and probably seen me eat the leaves right out of the jar. Stevia is one of my favorite herbs, with a sweetness 300 times greater than sugar. 

Not to be confused with artificial sweeteners of any kind, Stevia is absolutely the real deal. If you have children around your garden, it’s even more fun to grow. I love taking a leaf and chewing it, making all of my typical ‘yum, ooh, aww’ noises and then - if I’m very convincing, they will try it too. I love to see the look on their faces when they taste the intense sweetness of this herb! 

If you decide to use Stevia in your kitchen, then growing and drying your own stevia is really important. I know I sound a little bossy, but please watch out for the Stevia-fakers at the store. Green packets that say Stevia, implying that the contents is - you know, Stevia. 

But it’s not.

It’s sugar, filler and some Stevia. Please beware of those...

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Calm - Focus

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

Deep breathing, meditation, a long run. Or maybe a glass of wine, yoga, punching the couch. Eating a 1 pound bag of M&Ms. 

Each of us uses a coping mechanism to help us stop the downward spiral and regain calm and focus.

And although there is nothing wrong with your methods - as long as they don’t hurt you or anyone else, we’d like to offer some strong, natural, herbal and nutritional compounds that really work.

Calm and Focus are listed together for a reason. We’ve seen many formulas that can make you feel Calm, but you’ll also need a nap. And your thinking will be fuzzy at best.  Other formulas can create a feeling of Focus, but will also increase blood pressure, agitation, and heart palpitations. 

These few herbs and nutrients work together to calm your anxiety just a bit, while redirecting nervous energy into focused, clear-headed calm. No jitters, No naps. Just calm-focus. 

Vitamin B12


Passion Flower

Rhodiola Rosea


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