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goldenseal holy basil Jun 11, 2020

Holy Basil

This vital herb plays a key role in the folk medicine of South Asia. It is considered one of the three most sacred herbs in India and is commonly planted outside of homes and temples where it is believed to purify and sanctify the air. Known as Tulsi in the East, Holy Basil has been used for thousands of years to sharpen awareness, aid in meditation and promote compassion. 

New studies reveal that this Holy plant truly does purify its surroundings by blocking Squamous cell cancer growth and blocking our exposure to radioactivity and radiation illness. 



Hydrastis is a popular herb in the West and commonly sold to combat cold and flu symptoms. The real power of Goldenseal (Hydrastis) lies in the berberine compounds and their ability to kill drug resistant bacteria, from E. Coli to MRSA, the berberine content crushes bacteria/ 

Wild Harvesting Goldenseal has stripped it from the natural ecosystems, and is now virtually non-existent unless...

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Finding peace within.

 It’s a struggle to find words that describe how we feel about our world today. So I won’t try.

Our focus remains on you, your safety, and your physical and mental health.

Thank you for asking such insightful questions. How DO you find your footing when the ground is still shaking? How can you move forward and re-engage when you aren’t ready to leave the safety of your home?

There’s only one path I've ever found to peace, security, and calm, and it doesn’t exist in a place, thing, or in other people. 

According to this study, mindfulness meditation generated measurable inner peace.  Going within, sitting with yourself, taking stock of all the good things. Gratitude after all, is the precursor of Hope.

Some people meditate, do yoga, take long walks, listen to music. All vital ways to find soothing comfort and inner peace. 

I’m guessing that your Peace may only come from within you too. And if the...

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Herbs for broken heart

broken heart Jun 10, 2020

A hole where my heart used to be.’ ‘A sorrowful ache in my chest.’  These are some of the ways people try to describe what our society calls a broken heart. Heartache IS a physical feeling, and although the heart isn’t literally broken, you might actually feel that zig-zag line down the middle when you heart ‘breaks’. 

These feelings are the result of chemicals created by our body in response to an intense emotional experience. If you’ve ever had a broken heart, you know - these chemicals can cause crippling physical and emotional pain. 

And if there was EVER a time for Herbs to save the day, well, this is it. 

Great news - Herbellum Broken Heart infusion formula to the rescue.

When we experience an intense thought / feeling response to sorrow, betrayal, loss, or disappointment, our bodies and brain chemistry has a powerful reaction. 

Our Broken Heart formula harnesses a group of herbs that work together to trigger...

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How is Cellulite fat different?

cellulite cleanse May 28, 2020

The Cellulite Protocol - part 1

Bumpy walls and roads? Beautiful. On our hips and thighs? Not so much.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve worked from the inside outward, moving toxins from major organs, starting with our liver and kidneys, flushing, rebalancing, and re-establishing healthy blood sugar. We continued the cleanse through our gut, establishing healthy flora, cleansing out candida fungal overgrowth, and improving hydration levels. With each new cleanse, we pushed toxins out of our systems and closer to the surface of the skin, where we find ourselves this week - with a cellulite cleanse.

And instead of a list of veggies to toss into your juicer, cellulite cleansing requires a very different approach. Our powerful protocol hits cellulite in three different ways. Topically for more immediate improvement, at the cellular level for incremental improvement, and at its origin, to stop and turn around the cellulite train for good. 

We’ve spent years...

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Herbal Medicine Garden - Yarrow & Lemongrass


 If we had a ‘First Aid’ garden, this would be our first plant. Yarrow is known for its Hemostat action, meaning it can stop bleeding. During the civil and revolutionary wars, soldiers picked it as they marched and packed it into their boots to ease blistering and bleeding. And it was the first and often the only medicine on the battlefield. Yarrow almost grows itself, and with its other actions as a febrifuge (fever reducer),  we give Yarrow prime real estate in our garden. Thanks Yarrow. <3 

Lemon Grass

This beauty is native to Sri Lanka and South India, having earned its reputation as a treatment for malaria, and a range of acute conditions from parasites to bacterial and viral infections. Lemon Grass is a key to our formula this week as it demonstrates the ability to reduce inflammation within the fibrous walls of cellulite, allowing lymphatic drainage and improved circulation - encouraging adipose metabolism. 

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Alltogetherb: Guarana

This Week's Alltogetherb: Guarana

There are quite a few Cellulite topical creams on the market, and nearly all of them contain Guarana, a beautiful native of Brazil, and rich source of Caffeine. Although I can’t find anything I consider solid ‘research’, several manufacturers are stating on their labels that Guarana contains 5x the caffeine content of coffee. Using Guarana to open capillaries and small blood vessels in Cellulite tissue would be the perfect use for a strong topical stimulant. Some will absorb into your bloodstream through your skin, so use with caution (and amazement!)

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Endocrine Soak for Cellulite

The following herbs were used in a dried or fresh form, all cut and sifted (C/S) or Fresh /Peeled

Each herb was measured into a bowl until all the herbs were blended together.

We put our herbs into the bathwater with 3 drops of essential oil (your choice) and 2 tbsp of coconut oil. Ahhhhhhhh…….


Endocrine Soak for Cellulite

Lemon Grass 2 Tbsp

Lime Peel 2 Tbsp

Camphor Bark 3 Tbsp

Fresh Ginger Root ½ cup

Himilyan Sea Salt 1x

Black Pepper 3 Tbsp

Black Tea leaves 2 Tbsp

Ground Coffee 2 Tbsp


It might be fun to weigh and measure yourself before you start. * Don’t skip drinking the water, and don’t skimp out on the 1-gallon a day. You need to flush your cells each day as you open up those tiny vessels. At the end of six weeks, measure a much-firmer you! 


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Preventing Candida

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Prevention is key to just about everything, and candida is no exception. From weeds in the garden to the spider that lives on my porch light, they only survive and grow if they have a FOOD source. 

And candida’s food source? Sugar. That means everything from pastry to pasta and apple juice to alcohol, it’s all converted to sugar in our bloodstream and feeds the Candida monster in your gut.  

If you read our blog posts, you know I’m not a sugar fan, and with good reason. Too many chronic, dangerous health conditions are rooted in our sugar consumption. If you think I’m just one of those people that don’t like sweets, you’d be wrong. I have a crazy sweet tooth and I eat sweets every day, but I do it without sugar, or nasty tasting fake sweeteners - stay with me and I’ll tell you how.

But first, here’s the difficult truth. If you expect to control candida in your body and regain the balance you had once, you’ll need...

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Candida Cleanse with Coconut Oil & Power-Herbs

All humans have some degree of fungal growth. (I know - ick.) 

It’s simply a part of the microbial population that inhabits our bodies. There are only a handful of prominent fungi that actually infect humans, so most of us don’t ponder fungi - they typically keep to themselves and aren’t on our radar. 

Problem is, fungal diseases kill more than 1.5 million and affect over A billion people every yearwith nearly 3.5 million annually seeking medical help for candida overgrowth.

Our great grandparents weren’t afflicted like we are. Why? 

Most of them likely started out with a balanced micro-biome, which included some fungus growth, and probably a bit of candida as well. And although they fought their share of illnesses, they weren’t tossing the loads of processed sugar, antibiotics, or hormone replacements into their bodies, which spike candida growth. Those three compounds are notorious for feeding candida and creating the...

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Flora Super-Salad

If you’ve stopped eating sugar, complex carbs, and alcohol, you’ve set yourself up to win the battle. Over the coming weeks and months, the candida in your body will die off and the universe of microbes in your gut will once again live in peace and harmony.

But if you are living with candida overgrowth right now, and you want to get rid of it - right now?

Then it’s time for a few of Herbellum’s best formulas for crushing candida.

Our first formula is the easiest way we’ve found to get plenty of these candida-fighting herbs into your body quickly, with as much of their live enzymes as possible. 

So let’s start with Herbellum’s recipe:

  • 2 cups of chopped greens of your choice, triple washed.
  • ½ cup of misc of your favorite, low-carb veggies
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped dill

Our first Super-Salad candida fighter is dill! We’ve learned that dill has incredible candida crushing power. The findings in this study revealed that d...

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