Spring Healing: Emptying the Head Trash


Our focus on Spring Healing wouldn’t be complete without a complete cleaning, inside and out, and that includes the toxic beliefs about ourselves that we carry around in our head. 

We ALL have them. Old, outdated and often damaging negative beliefs about life, about ourselves, and our worries about what other people think of us. One of my great influences, Dr Wayne Dyer, said ‘What you think of me is none of my business’. 

How freeing is That? Time to live for YOU and stop trying to meet the expectations of everyone around you. 

 Finding a path to your authentic self is the beginning. What are you carrying with you that is not truly you? Poor self image? Lack of confidence in your work? Belief that you aren’t smart enough? Poor body image?

As we move through life, these beliefs stick to us like giant post-it notes that tell the world a false story about us. 

Spring Healing is about peeling off those post-its. Recognizing each...

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Renewal- From the Inside Out

Soon, we’ll get the green light to walk out into the sunlight and rejoin our communities. If you’ve been exercising at home, feeding your mind, and eating a clean diet, you’ll emerge healthy, glowing, and ready to take on the Summer! However, if you’ve gotten out of your routine (and who hasn’t) then you might need to jumpstart yourself back into the healthy lane, and not a minute too soon!

During this month, we’ll be guiding you through a series of cleanses. Liver, Kidney, Candida, and Cellulite, and many people believe they work best in this order. (I agree)

So, we’ll start with the largest filter in our body, the Liver. It’s clogged with all of the standard holiday, doughy, sluggish things it would normally be filled with, but we’ve been sidelined for months now. CDC tells us that more people are drinking, doing even less exercise, and making even poorer food choices while sheltering in place. (I know, not you, just other...

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Alltogetherb: California Poppy

This weeks Alltogetherb is the California Poppy!  Eschscholzia Californica

These babies are in full bloom so harvest them before they start to drop their seeds and dry out. Reminder, this is the state flower in California so no wild harvesting there without permission. They are prolific wildflowers throughout the US and Canada so most of us can find or grow these easily. 

California Poppy is an important part of our Anxiety and Relaxation formulas so try not to miss this harvest time. 

Although they share a few of the key alkaloids found in Opium poppies, California poppies do not contain any opium (that question comes up a lot.)  Throughout the summer, and as the rest of your Herbal Medicine Garden is ready to harvest, we’ll teach you how to use these poppies in formulas for relaxation, anxiety, sleep, as a nervine, sedative and an analgesic. If you missed  Herbellum's Medicine Garden, see details here.

We use the Aerial Parts of the poppy plant,...

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Dad's Planting Brew

My Dad’s Budweiser Planting Brew

My Dad grew legendary veggies. In fact, at his memorial service, we gave away seed packets with his custom label and cartoon face. ‘Bob’s swanky tomatoes’. 

So what was his secret? That’s right - he passed along this legacy to me, and I know he’ll be proud to have you carry on this classy tradition. He called it his ‘planting brew’. It was the raunchiest stuff around, but how could we argue with success? Year after year he grew giant, happy, healthy veggies. 

Dad’s secret: 

Start by digging 6” x 12” holes 12” apart. BTW, those holes need to be perfectly straight (you just got a flash into my childhood.) For each hole, mix the following: 

  • Manure. 1 cup. No fancy fertilizer for this guy, just straight-outta-the-barn poop. 
  • Epsom salts.  1 tbsp. 
  • ½ Bottle of Budweiser. A can was ok, but his plants preferred it from the bottle. 


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Camellia Oil

 Watch the full video here! 

Camellia oil is widely used in Japan for its anti-aging and emollient properties for both skin and hair. Here is Herbellum’s Camellia oil using an olive oil base, but another lightweight oil base would also work.


Gather the Camellias while they are at the peak of their bloom. In this picture, I’m using a 64 oz jar, so I didn’t fill it to the top, but you should pack it as full as possible with blossoms. Some herbalists prefer to crush the blossoms, but this way works for me. 

Pour in your base oil until the blossoms are covered. 

My skin loves organic olive oil, but some people prefer clear oils to avoid the golden tint. Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut oil are also great choices. 

You’ll see in my second photo, the blossoms have popped up above the oil line, so I took a sterilized utensil and packed them back down.

Because the blossoms are fresh, they contain water and...

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Planting an Herbal Medicine Garden

Even the frostiest climates have passed the mid-April threshold for starting a summer garden. With the intense focus on our health and safety in recent months, it feels right to move the tomatoes and cucumbers over a smidge and make way for an Herbal Medicine Garden. 

Community gardens are becoming more common, spurred by our recent experiences with food and medicine shortages, and word on the street is that gardens and growing our own food and medicine are making a big comeback! 

If you’ve followed our work for long, you know that when we plant herbs, there is a science-based medicinal purpose for each one. Every herb is an important part of a healing herbal formula which we’ll help you create throughout the summer or at harvest time.

So, what to plant? How do the herbs work together? And what will you make from all these herbs when they’re ready to harvest? All great questions, which we’ll walk you through with each passing week in our...

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The New ‘Normal’


We’re all reading and hearing about plans to reopen the country, jumpstart the economy, and move us back toward ‘normalcy’. 

As eager as I am to return to my favorite restaurants, social circles, and routines, I am also feeling cautious about slipping back into my old ruts. Those comfortable shoes that may no longer serve my highest purpose, but instead give me an old familiar blister. In simple terms, these are a few of the weird things I do, simply because it’s what I’ve always done. 

So while sheltering in place, (maybe like you) I've had a lot of time to reflect. To actually question my habits and patterns, because for the first time in forever, I’m not doing them. 

I am recognizing that some of my routines are simply motions of daily existence. From my new vantage point, what I may have mistaken for purpose and intention are looking more like the spin cycle of waking, eating, working, learning, sleeping,...

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Social Distancing? It’s not enough.


This year will likely be remembered for the weeks (or months) we spent sheltering in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus of 2020. Problem is, these germs have learned to live outside the human body and attach to all types of surfaces as they migrate from person to person, and have quickly advanced from annoyance to pandemic. 

I’m attaching the link to the Harvard Health Coronavirus Resource Center and their ongoing updates on our risks, and how to best protect ourselves. COVID-19 Resource Center


  1. Aerosol.  - up to 3 hours

We already know that anyone coughing or sneezing around us is very dangerous. The virus travels in tiny water droplets called Aerosol, almost like a mist that we can unknowingly breath in. Aerosol can come from any breath leaving someone’s mouth. So, talking, exhaling - it all counts. 

The Coronavirus can live in this Aerosol for up to 3 hours. So, next time you find yourself outside your home, even at a distance of six...

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All together now...

At Herbellum Institute, we help people find their best physical health. One way is through Herbal Medicine. No bath salts or potpourri, but serious, relevant you-really-need-it-to-work, science-based, global herbal medicine.  

In addition to our Herbal Kits, we offer Clinical Hypnotherapy. I see your raised eyebrow. Clinical Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to outperform most medications and other therapies for a range of issues from Anxiety to Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, and even Weight Loss. The attached study from Stanford medical discusses the changes in our brains during Hypnotherapy, and how we can affect our Pain, Anxiety, and much more. 

Best of all, learning to support your body with herbs while your subconscious mind backs up your choices and decisions, is a fantastic path to your best health yet! Check out our website next week under the tab ‘Consultation’ to see details and access appointments. But if you’d just...

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Feelings of impending doom??

We’re hearing from more and more people about their Anxiety.  It’s the most prominent emotional health condition in the developed world, and can manifest through a variety of feelings or behaviors including isolation, fear of the unknown, restlessness, boredom, agitation, withdrawal. Binge-eating, Binge-watching anything-on-a-screen, feeling hopeless, feeling sad, feeling a loss of control. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re experiencing some Anxiety.


You’ll notice I used the word ‘feeling’ quite a bit. That’s because Anxiety doesn’t have any outward signs. This invisible nature of Anxiety makes it really difficult to spot in others, and unless you speak up, others may not know that you’re suffering either.


On a good day, Anxiety affects nearly 20% of the adult population in developed countries. And today? With the world upside down? It’s impossible to guess.


And when Anxiety...

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