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A Favorite garden staple of summers everywhere is the always bright and beautiful Geranium. Known for its ability to repel mosquitos, it's an important element of landscapes near patios, pools, and outdoor living spaces. And when it’s not playing a starring role in our ‘Bug Off’ spray formula, we also use Geranium in our Candida formula for yeast infection as well as our formula for ear infections. In fact, Geranium, along with two other key herbs, outperformed Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin in treating pediatric ear infections. If you want to try using Geranium for your own herbal healing, wait until after it begins to flower, and harvest the leaves only. 

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Flora Super-Salad

If you’ve stopped eating sugar, complex carbs, and alcohol, you’ve set yourself up to win the battle. Over the coming weeks and months, the candida in your body will die off and the universe of microbes in your gut will once again live in peace and harmony.

But if you are living with candida overgrowth right now, and you want to get rid of it - right now?

Then it’s time for a few of Herbellum’s best formulas for crushing candida.

Our first formula is the easiest way we’ve found to get plenty of these candida-fighting herbs into your body quickly, with as much of their live enzymes as possible. 

So let’s start with Herbellum’s recipe:

  • 2 cups of chopped greens of your choice, triple washed.
  • ½ cup of misc of your favorite, low-carb veggies
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped dill

Our first Super-Salad candida fighter is dill! We’ve learned that dill has incredible candida crushing power. The findings in this study revealed that d...

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