Feelings of impending doom??

We’re hearing from more and more people about their Anxiety.  It’s the most prominent emotional health condition in the developed world, and can manifest through a variety of feelings or behaviors including isolation, fear of the unknown, restlessness, boredom, agitation, withdrawal. Binge-eating, Binge-watching anything-on-a-screen, feeling hopeless, feeling sad, feeling a loss of control. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re experiencing some Anxiety.


You’ll notice I used the word ‘feeling’ quite a bit. That’s because Anxiety doesn’t have any outward signs. This invisible nature of Anxiety makes it really difficult to spot in others, and unless you speak up, others may not know that you’re suffering either.


On a good day, Anxiety affects nearly 20% of the adult population in developed countries. And today? With the world upside down? It’s impossible to guess.


And when Anxiety...

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