Diabetes. Up close and personal.

diabetes diet insulin Jul 15, 2020

I sat next to my dad in his final hours. His body was finally giving up after years of fighting off the sugar and insulin imbalance. His kidneys just couldn’t function anymore and were now damaged beyond repair. They were no longer filtering his blood and the toxins were building up beyond his body’s ability to tolerate. His major organs were shutting down.

This is a Diabetic outcome for millions of people. In fact, according to the ADA, more people die each year from Diabetes, than from AIDS and Breast Cancer combined. 

Why has Diabetes continued to explode in the Western developed world? 

Is our diet THAT bad? 

YES.  It is far more dangerous than you've been led to believe.  

In fact, up-and-coming countries that get aid from developed Western countries often adopt some of our Western trends, including our dietary habits. And within a few short years, the effects of our bad influence begins to show up in their population with rising rates...

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