AlltogetHerb- Arrowroot

Big creepy worms? Good guess! - these are actually tubers called arrowroots. 

Arrowroot is a member of the same plant family as the Calla Lily and looks similar above the ground. The tall lush green leaves can grow 5 feet tall and underground, it spreads by tubers, which look like white baby carrots. 

Arrowroots are used as a culinary ingredient to add texture and thickness to foods. At nearly 100% starch, it offers almost zero nutritional value, but when the root is dried and powdered - it’s easy to add to dishes to thicken them by absorbing moisture. Arrowroot is highly absorbent and soaks up lots of moisture, so chefs started adding to dishes that were too watery.

With the arrival of my first grandchild came lots of research about organic, natural baby products, and Arrowroot is now on my radar as a baby product. 

In a related blog post I mentioned that Johnson and Johnson recently removed their baby powder from the market after decades as the leader in that...

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Candida Cleanse with Coconut Oil & Power-Herbs

All humans have some degree of fungal growth. (I know - ick.) 

It’s simply a part of the microbial population that inhabits our bodies. There are only a handful of prominent fungi that actually infect humans, so most of us don’t ponder fungi - they typically keep to themselves and aren’t on our radar. 

Problem is, fungal diseases kill more than 1.5 million and affect over A billion people every yearwith nearly 3.5 million annually seeking medical help for candida overgrowth.

Our great grandparents weren’t afflicted like we are. Why? 

Most of them likely started out with a balanced micro-biome, which included some fungus growth, and probably a bit of candida as well. And although they fought their share of illnesses, they weren’t tossing the loads of processed sugar, antibiotics, or hormone replacements into their bodies, which spike candida growth. Those three compounds are notorious for feeding candida and creating the...

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