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Is DNA Destiny?

dna genomics toxins Jul 30, 2020

For most of my generation, we’ve reveled in the magic of DNA, knowing that everything from our eye color to our propensity to develop Alzheimer’s disease was there in our genetic code - our cellular DNA. We were predetermined from birth to grow to a specific height, have musical talent, run a 2-minute mile, and in time, lose our memory. 

In the last 15 years, new studies and discoveries have pointed us in a new direction. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, author of ‘Epigenetics, and Godfather of the Epigenetics movement, our DNA is like a keyboard of possibilities, capable of typing any number of words. 

Wallach tells us that the state of our body is determined by which of those keys are pushed or activated. The DNA activation process is called ‘Gene Expression’. 

And the million-dollar question is, What causes an unwanted Gene expression?

Toxins and deficiencies are the triggers that flip the DNA switch of disease in our bodies....

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