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Beer - The Estrogen you weren’t expecting.

beer estrogen hops Aug 05, 2020

Hop Flowers are not only beer-making blossoms, but are also naturally calmative and sedative which contributes to the relaxing effects of beer. Like most herbs, Hops contains a range of phytochemical actions, one being a strong estrogenic action. So here’s the first factoid I want to hit you with. The phytoestrogens in beer are the most potent botanical estrogens found to date. 50 times more potent than soy. 

 The studies on this are too vast to mention, and the opinions have bounced around more than beer pong, so i’m sure if you google this, you’ll find a library of info. If you’re a man, you might be wondering about the rumored man boobs referred to as ‘moobs’ being caused by the estrogen in beer. If you choose to study this on your own, I urge you to check the dates on the studies you find, as anything before 2019 is seriously outdated news. Spoiler alert - the most recent studies on the topic may give heavy beer drinkers cause to...

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