Alltogetherb: Bupleurum

This weeks Alltogetherb is Bupleurum

Bupleurum has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years to clear the liver. Ancient herbalists believed that unresolved emotions were held in the liver and could manifest as physical illness. Today, researchers have found science-based connections between Unresolved Emotions and Liver Imbalance.

Clients using Bupleurum for a liver cleansing often report having a ‘good cry’ for no apparent reason, which is a vital part of the liver cleansing process. So find some Bupleurum, grab a box of tissues and let the cleansing begin!

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Alltogetherb: California Poppy

This weeks Alltogetherb is the California Poppy!  Eschscholzia Californica

These babies are in full bloom so harvest them before they start to drop their seeds and dry out. Reminder, this is the state flower in California so no wild harvesting there without permission. They are prolific wildflowers throughout the US and Canada so most of us can find or grow these easily. 

California Poppy is an important part of our Anxiety and Relaxation formulas so try not to miss this harvest time. 

Although they share a few of the key alkaloids found in Opium poppies, California poppies do not contain any opium (that question comes up a lot.)  Throughout the summer, and as the rest of your Herbal Medicine Garden is ready to harvest, we’ll teach you how to use these poppies in formulas for relaxation, anxiety, sleep, as a nervine, sedative and an analgesic. If you missed  Herbellum's Medicine Garden, see details here.

We use the Aerial Parts of the poppy plant,...

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Dad's Planting Brew

My Dad’s Budweiser Planting Brew

My Dad grew legendary veggies. In fact, at his memorial service, we gave away seed packets with his custom label and cartoon face. ‘Bob’s swanky tomatoes’. 

So what was his secret? That’s right - he passed along this legacy to me, and I know he’ll be proud to have you carry on this classy tradition. He called it his ‘planting brew’. It was the raunchiest stuff around, but how could we argue with success? Year after year he grew giant, happy, healthy veggies. 

Dad’s secret: 

Start by digging 6” x 12” holes 12” apart. BTW, those holes need to be perfectly straight (you just got a flash into my childhood.) For each hole, mix the following: 

  • Manure. 1 cup. No fancy fertilizer for this guy, just straight-outta-the-barn poop. 
  • Epsom salts.  1 tbsp. 
  • ½ Bottle of Budweiser. A can was ok, but his plants preferred it from the bottle. 


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Planting an Herbal Medicine Garden

Even the frostiest climates have passed the mid-April threshold for starting a summer garden. With the intense focus on our health and safety in recent months, it feels right to move the tomatoes and cucumbers over a smidge and make way for an Herbal Medicine Garden. 

Community gardens are becoming more common, spurred by our recent experiences with food and medicine shortages, and word on the street is that gardens and growing our own food and medicine are making a big comeback! 

If you’ve followed our work for long, you know that when we plant herbs, there is a science-based medicinal purpose for each one. Every herb is an important part of a healing herbal formula which we’ll help you create throughout the summer or at harvest time.

So, what to plant? How do the herbs work together? And what will you make from all these herbs when they’re ready to harvest? All great questions, which we’ll walk you through with each passing week in our...

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