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Toxic Eating

Many people haven’t heard the term ‘Toxic Eating’ so for simplification, we’ll use a car as an example. Putting water in a gas tank fills the space, but can almost certainly ruin the inside of the gas tank. The water can’t be burned through the fuel system, and must be drained from the tank, or the engine won’t start.  I’m no mechanic (understatement) but I believe it’s quite a difficult problem to repair.

Consider Toxic eating in a similar way. Garbage foods with empty calories might fill up the space inside us, even taste good, but we underestimate the damage they do once those chemicals get inside our bodies. And contrary to popular belief,

the junk doesn’t just ‘pass through’ us, but rather, it gets trapped in our cells, creating inflammation, and corroding us from the inside out. 

As we dig into the root cause of disease, and this month Diabetes in particular, we’ll take a look at our bodies as an...

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