Social Distancing? It’s not enough.


This year will likely be remembered for the weeks (or months) we spent sheltering in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus of 2020. Problem is, these germs have learned to live outside the human body and attach to all types of surfaces as they migrate from person to person, and have quickly advanced from annoyance to pandemic. 

I’m attaching the link to the Harvard Health Coronavirus Resource Center and their ongoing updates on our risks, and how to best protect ourselves. COVID-19 Resource Center


  1. Aerosol.  - up to 3 hours

We already know that anyone coughing or sneezing around us is very dangerous. The virus travels in tiny water droplets called Aerosol, almost like a mist that we can unknowingly breath in. Aerosol can come from any breath leaving someone’s mouth. So, talking, exhaling - it all counts. 

The Coronavirus can live in this Aerosol for up to 3 hours. So, next time you find yourself outside your home, even at a distance of six...

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Feelings of impending doom??

We’re hearing from more and more people about their Anxiety.  It’s the most prominent emotional health condition in the developed world, and can manifest through a variety of feelings or behaviors including isolation, fear of the unknown, restlessness, boredom, agitation, withdrawal. Binge-eating, Binge-watching anything-on-a-screen, feeling hopeless, feeling sad, feeling a loss of control. If this sounds familiar, it’s possible you’re experiencing some Anxiety.


You’ll notice I used the word ‘feeling’ quite a bit. That’s because Anxiety doesn’t have any outward signs. This invisible nature of Anxiety makes it really difficult to spot in others, and unless you speak up, others may not know that you’re suffering either.


On a good day, Anxiety affects nearly 20% of the adult population in developed countries. And today? With the world upside down? It’s impossible to guess.


And when Anxiety...

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