Sea Clay & Kombucha Facemask

This funny pic was taken in one of my classes on herbal skincare. Sorry I couldn’t smile - I didn’t want my facemask to crack! 

We were experimenting with the differences between Red, White, and Sea Clay (Green French) Bentonite, Charcoals, Spirulina, and different types of refining and drawing compounds.

The picture of me and a few of the students shows our Sea Clay base, also called French green, known for its ability to clean and tighten pores. We blended that with spirulina for its ability to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and prevent acne. Spirulina is highly alkaline so after using it on your skin, be sure to neutralize your skin’s pH.

We added a few more specialized clay and dried ingredients, but the most exciting part of the mask was using Kombucha to moisten the clay, rather than water. The American Academy of Dermatology research states that probiotic liquid on the skin is antimicrobial and antibiotic, preventing and healing acne with a...

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