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Medicine Garden: A headache formula

Time to begin some harvesting and drying! Let's start with this Headache Formula that you'll make right out of your garden! Start with Rosemary. Cut branches about 18" long and hang to dry in a dark, dry place. I see people hang their herbs outside to dry - which is cute in pictures, but they need to be in a dark place, hanging in tight mesh bug-proof bags.

Next, harvest some Feverfew if you haven't already. Don't take more than a third of your plant at a time and it should continue to grow back for another 2 or 3 harvests before the end of the season. We use aerial parts, but many herbalists think the leaves are the strongest. I haven't tested this theory - just be sure and get the leaves along with the blossoms. Dry in a tight mesh bag in a dark, cool place. While you're in the garden, grab some Lemon Balm and dry that in the same way. After two weeks, your herbs should be completely dried. Make sure they crunch when you squeeze them. I like to powder my rosemary, but it's only...

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