Medicine Garden: Mullein

Verbascum thapsus, commonly known as Mullein, is a medicinal herb easily spotted along roadsides, in open grassy areas or pastures, and has been used to treat inflammatory lung and breathing disorders for centuries. Mullein’s ability to work with other phyto-antibiotics in our Ear Infection formula, make it a vital member of your home first aid kit. 

In the last decade, commercial interest in Mullein has been skyrocketing. Clinical studies on its ability to fight Tuberculosis (TB) revealed startling results. 

The researches state; “While the chemical drugs currently used against TB were synthetically engineered, natural compounds are once again playing a bigger role in the fight against TB. Plant extracts have been shown to be capable of inhibition comparable to that of Streptomycin, have shown activity against multidrug resistant TB, and have been shown to improve the immune response to TB both in vitro and in clinical trials.” 


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Herbal Medicine Garden - Yarrow & Lemongrass


 If we had a ‘First Aid’ garden, this would be our first plant. Yarrow is known for its Hemostat action, meaning it can stop bleeding. During the civil and revolutionary wars, soldiers picked it as they marched and packed it into their boots to ease blistering and bleeding. And it was the first and often the only medicine on the battlefield. Yarrow almost grows itself, and with its other actions as a febrifuge (fever reducer),  we give Yarrow prime real estate in our garden. Thanks Yarrow. <3 

Lemon Grass

This beauty is native to Sri Lanka and South India, having earned its reputation as a treatment for malaria, and a range of acute conditions from parasites to bacterial and viral infections. Lemon Grass is a key to our formula this week as it demonstrates the ability to reduce inflammation within the fibrous walls of cellulite, allowing lymphatic drainage and improved circulation - encouraging adipose metabolism. 

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