bug repellant mosquitos Jul 10, 2020

I live on top of an oak tree, so I’m used to interacting with my share of bugs. We have a general understanding that we leave each other alone, but sometimes they get a little too friendly. I’ve found that an organic bug / mosquito repellant is the best way to say ‘Bug Off’ without putting anything toxic on my skin.

This DIY Bug / Mosquito repellent uses a group of herbal aromatics that bugs and mosquitos don’t like, so they keep their distance. It’s easy to make by infusing these fresh herbs, or you can use essential oils, which are faster to use, but can be more expensive. 

I’ll walk you through both options - 


Herbal Infused No-squito

Citronella Leaf. 4 parts

This beauty from the mint family is a powerful mosquito repellent and is a common ingredient in most outdoor bug repellent candles and organic sprays. 

Lemongrass 2 parts

Available at many grocery stores, this is easy to find and adds another level of bug...

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