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altogetherb fennel nausea Jun 24, 2020

Growing in tall stalks along damp roadways, or in meadows, giving off a strong licorice smell, is the always beautiful Fennel. You might have seen the stalk in the produce department. It looks like giant celery with fuzzy tops. And if you’ve wondered who buys that stuff (me) and what they do with it, (eat it on salad), you wouldn't be alone. But I’ll focus on the seed. That’s where the medicine is. 

If you are growing or harvesting Fennel as part of our Medicine Garden, you’ll be so happy to have this herb on hand. Fennel is a powerful carminative, which is a medical term meaning that it breaks up gas in the digestive system. 

In Ayurvedic tradition, most eastern dinner tables include an after-dinner dish of Mukhwas. It’s a small dish of seeds and might include Anise seed, Fennel, Caraway, and others. These seeds will not only freshen the breath, but also alleviate any gassy rumblings after a traditionally spicy meal. It is particularly...

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