Nobel Prize Winning Plant Medicine

Many years ago, the Chinese government gathered 500 of their best scientists and launched a coordinated effort to find a cure for Malaria. Other countries had launched similar projects, but the studies were considered military secrets and none of the scientists were allowed to speak of their results. 

It was October of 1971, and after 2 years of intense research and clinical lab tests, a compound was found that had a 100% inhibition against the parasite that causes Malaria.

The source? A shrubby plant with foliage that looks a bit like a giant carrot top. Feathery and easy to grow, the plant is called Artemisia Annua. 

Artemisia is a common plant family with numerous species that unfortunately don’t share the same Malaria-crushing compounds as A. Annua. It was just this one specific strain of Artemisia, and it only stopped Malaria if it was prepared in a very specific way. 

As with most plants, Artemisia Annua contains over a hundred compounds. Some plant...

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