Herbal Face Scrub


Herbal Face Scrub For Glowing Skin

Why Exfoliate? It removes the dead skin cells that build up on the surface of our skin. Without consistent exfoliation, our skin starts to thicken as the old cells build up, which causes crevices and fine lines.

No thanks!! Bring on the exfoliation! 

But not just anything gritty will do! Studies on exfoliation have taken a close look at skin before and after exfoliation with cheap ingredients like ground apricot pits or walnut shells. The sharp edges of these ingredients look like broken glass under a microscope, and they leave tiny lesions on the surface of our skin - allowing bacteria and preservatives to get into the layers of our skin. So instead, let’s make an organic custom blended exfoliator, specific to your skin type. 

Your scrub formula should contain only the things from our formula that you need, because we all know, everyone’s skin is different. I’ll review a short list of highly effective exfoliants, and...

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Face Value

exfoliation skin skin scrub Aug 25, 2020

Our skin is our largest organ, is our first line of defense, and tells an irrefutable story of what’s going on beneath the surface. Fabulous inner health is likely to reflect in the quality of our skin, just as toxic, inflammatory, or deficient health will also sneak out to the surface.

Although we know that great skin is grown from the inside out, most of us engage in some degree of care to maximize the health and appearance or our outer wrapper.

In our modern Western culture, healthy skin implies inner-health, youthfulness, and vitality, and is closely tied with social perceptions of beauty. 

Today's skincare industry has exploded trying to keep pace with our ravenous demand for new, better, and now ‘natural’ ways to care for our skin. Sadly, most commercial skincare products are laced with so many unnatural ingredients that any benefits we might derive can be overwritten by the list of preservatives, emulsifiers, and artificial additives. 

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