Candida Cleanse with Coconut Oil & Power-Herbs

All humans have some degree of fungal growth. (I know - ick.) 

It’s simply a part of the microbial population that inhabits our bodies. There are only a handful of prominent fungi that actually infect humans, so most of us don’t ponder fungi - they typically keep to themselves and aren’t on our radar. 

Problem is, fungal diseases kill more than 1.5 million and affect over A billion people every yearwith nearly 3.5 million annually seeking medical help for candida overgrowth.

Our great grandparents weren’t afflicted like we are. Why? 

Most of them likely started out with a balanced micro-biome, which included some fungus growth, and probably a bit of candida as well. And although they fought their share of illnesses, they weren’t tossing the loads of processed sugar, antibiotics, or hormone replacements into their bodies, which spike candida growth. Those three compounds are notorious for feeding candida and creating the...

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Flora Super-Salad

If you’ve stopped eating sugar, complex carbs, and alcohol, you’ve set yourself up to win the battle. Over the coming weeks and months, the candida in your body will die off and the universe of microbes in your gut will once again live in peace and harmony.

But if you are living with candida overgrowth right now, and you want to get rid of it - right now?

Then it’s time for a few of Herbellum’s best formulas for crushing candida.

Our first formula is the easiest way we’ve found to get plenty of these candida-fighting herbs into your body quickly, with as much of their live enzymes as possible. 

So let’s start with Herbellum’s recipe:

  • 2 cups of chopped greens of your choice, triple washed.
  • ½ cup of misc of your favorite, low-carb veggies
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped dill

Our first Super-Salad candida fighter is dill! We’ve learned that dill has incredible candida crushing power. The findings in this study revealed that d...

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Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

If you experienced kidney stones, it's something that you never want to experience again. Sufferers tell me that the pain is worse than childbirth, (although it’s usually men that tell me that, and… well, how the heck would they know?)

I’m lucky, but have been caring for clients who were suffering, and was really surprised by how much pain such a small pebble of calcified minerals can inflict on the human body. 

Kidney stones can be the result of several things, but we’ll keep it simple and focus on ways you CAN make a difference with a few preventative measures. 

  1. If your Kidney Stones are a result of calcium oxalate crystals, (which 80% of stones are) then adding some fresh squeezed lemon juice to your drinking water everyday will help prevent them from forming. 
  2. If you already HAVE kidney stones, there are two herbal options our clients have good luck with. 
    1. The first is an ancient Chinese TCM formula known for its...
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Alltogetherb: Citronella, Clove & Thyme for an Herbal Mosquito Repellent

This weeks Alltogetherb(s): Citronella, Clove & Thyme for an Herbal Mosquito Repellent

They’re baaaaaacckk! It’s summer and along with the warm days and umbrella drinks comes a pesky number of bugs, among them the mosquito. 

Mosquito bites can range from annoying to dangerous, as mosquitos around the globe carry a host of dangerous diseases including Malaria, West Nile virus, Encephalitis, Dengue fever, Parasitic diseases, and more recently, the Zika virus. 

The US Department of Agriculture shared this report, stating that Coconut Oil Compounds actually protect from mosquito bites better than DEET, which is the chemical ingredient in most over the counter mosquito repellents. 

But the best mosquito repellent comes from a combination of these coconut compounds and a few key herbs that have been repelling mosquitoes and biting bugs since bugs and plants began! 

We found research published in the US National Library of Medicine and the Malaria...

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Spring Healing Kidney Cleanse

Welcome to week 2 of the Spring Healing Cleanse where together, we are flushing out our bodies for a fresh start to Summer! And during week 2, we focus on the Kidneys. Why? 

As of February of 2020, 1 in 3 Adults in the U.S. now have Pre-diabetes according to the Center of Disease Control. And of those adults, 80% of them Don’t KNOW they have it. (Yikes!)

Without significant diet and lifestyle changes, (no, Reese’s peanut butter cups are not a Protein), those adults run a high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke. 


Here’s the really short version: Sugar wrecks humans. 


A little longer version: 

The kidneys filter our blood and strain out the waste, sending it to our urinary tract, and we pee it out.  Here’s the problem: When the blood sugar level gets too high (Ben and Jerry’s), and insulin can’t keep our blood sugar level balanced, (that’s why Diabetics take more insulin) your...

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Spring Healing Liver Detox - Week 1

 Liver Detox

Last week, we talked about the Spring Healing program, and gave you a sneak peek at the liver cleanse. Some of you may have even gotten a head start! But if you’re still looking for a reason to jump in, consider this;

  1. Your liver is the primary filter in your body. The  Liver Foundation  gives a list of things to avoid in order to protect your liver. From pesticides and aerosol cleaning products to food additives and fillers, they tell us to avoid it all! Because when you do breathe or eat chemicals, they get stuck in your liver. 
  2. I touched on this last week. Ancient herbal medicine practitioners believed that the liver was the holding place for unresolved emotions. Anger, grief and disappointment to name a few. I always considered it folklore and ‘ancient wisdom’ but nothing science-based. Well buckle your seatbelt and fast forward to the here and now. Scientists have proven that grief, loss, or a traumatic experience...
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Renewal- From the Inside Out

Soon, we’ll get the green light to walk out into the sunlight and rejoin our communities. If you’ve been exercising at home, feeding your mind, and eating a clean diet, you’ll emerge healthy, glowing, and ready to take on the Summer! However, if you’ve gotten out of your routine (and who hasn’t) then you might need to jumpstart yourself back into the healthy lane, and not a minute too soon!

During this month, we’ll be guiding you through a series of cleanses. Liver, Kidney, Candida, and Cellulite, and many people believe they work best in this order. (I agree)

So, we’ll start with the largest filter in our body, the Liver. It’s clogged with all of the standard holiday, doughy, sluggish things it would normally be filled with, but we’ve been sidelined for months now. CDC tells us that more people are drinking, doing even less exercise, and making even poorer food choices while sheltering in place. (I know, not you, just other...

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