Herbal Medicine Garden- Stevia & Valerian Root


You’ve heard me talk about it in videos and probably seen me eat the leaves right out of the jar. Stevia is one of my favorite herbs, with a sweetness 300 times greater than sugar. 

Not to be confused with artificial sweeteners of any kind, Stevia is absolutely the real deal. If you have children around your garden, it’s even more fun to grow. I love taking a leaf and chewing it, making all of my typical ‘yum, ooh, aww’ noises and then - if I’m very convincing, they will try it too. I love to see the look on their faces when they taste the intense sweetness of this herb! 

If you decide to use Stevia in your kitchen, then growing and drying your own stevia is really important. I know I sound a little bossy, but please watch out for the Stevia-fakers at the store. Green packets that say Stevia, implying that the contents is - you know, Stevia. 

But it’s not.

It’s sugar, filler and some Stevia. Please beware of those...

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Herbal Medicine Garden: Stevia & Nigella Sativa

Stevia: Relax & Renew Garden

I happen to LOVE Stevia, but it’s an acquired taste. 

Stevia is a staple in my herb garden and I often include it in medicinal tea formulas. No need for sugar or honey, adding a few dried stevia leaves to your tea herbs will ensure that your tea will always be naturally sweet. It has zero calories, and zero glycemic index impact, meaning it doesn’t cause insulin release.

Best of all, you can GROW YOUR OWN

Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar and will retain its sweetness in a jar for at least 18 months. Pull a leaf right off the plant and chew it - yum! 

Nigella Sativa aka Black Seed: Skin Care Garden

This tiny seed is packed with loads of healing power. I found 318 clinical studies and even more research articles defining the ability of Nigella to improve or eradicate conditions ranging from MRSA and asthma to diabetes, obesity, and bacterial and fungal infections.

Many people use black seed as an oil, and others...

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