Ant Juice - An ant rant

Ugh. Everyday I notice at least one wandering Ant following the lingering scent of yesterday's cupcake. Or toothpaste. Or…. broccoli. (No kidding, my ants even eat broccoli.)  These ants are the ‘scouts’ that spend much of their time scrounging for any possible food source, then sending the ant-signal back up to the hill for reinforcements. 

(Does this have anything to do with herbs? Well kind of. Stay with me.)

What do we know that is particularly unique about Ants? 

#1 Driven. They are incessant. Ants are never-giver-uppers. 

#2 Super-strength. They can carry up to 50 times their body weight over their heads. 

#3 Superior team-work. Ants can signal their entire community with their antennae and the team responds with super-ant procision.

#4 They can smell cake in the next town. 

And with this information, someone in East Asia many years ago in a what-the-heck moment, decided to make a drink out of ants. It caught on and the juice of...

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