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Filter Fail: There's Something in the Water - Part 4

alkaline filtration water Aug 17, 2020

There’s something in the water.  ‘Filter-fail’ Part 4 

People often ask me about filters on refrigerators or filters on water pitchers. These are typically made using a charcoal base which will remove the smell and taste of chlorine, and will sparkle up the water a bit. But they don't have the capacity to filter out the pollutants, microbes, or the host of contaminants from pesticides to prescription drugs. So your water will taste A-Ok, but it will still be very much -contaminated. 

And in previous water-blogs, I’ve told you about the water safety regulations of the EPA and the FDA, holding bottled water to no higher standards than tap water. It’s tap water, in a bottle. 

So for all of those reasons, and a few others, I rarely drink tap water. Or charcoal filtered, refrigerator filtered, or bottled water unless I’m, you know, lost at sea or in the desert. 

Water snob? Yes. 

Yes, guilty. I support my body with...

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There’s something in the Water.

chemicals hydration water Aug 05, 2020

Drinking-Water Experiment

Ok - warned you. I’m unwavering when it comes to the quality of our drinking water. It's truly our most precious resource and the last few generations have essentially peed in the global pool. (As if that’s all we’ve done)

You drink ‘Bottled Water’ you say. Sadly, the FDA uses the same water standard as the EPA, so both bottled water and tap water adhere to the same water standard. The trouble with bottled water is - even if your plastic is BPA-free, your body is now inundated with microplastics, which are microscopic shards of plastic from the bottles. We didn’t know that was a thing until scientists started finding microplastics in marine life. 

If you didn’t catch the last blogs on my water-rant, I reviewed the FDA, EPA, and local water treatment plants, and their inability to keep up with our pollution frenzie. To keep the water flowing, they’ve had to bump up the level of what they consider...

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