Herbal Medicine on YouTube?

Are you skeptical about ‘natural’ cures and home remedy videos? Yup, me too.  Don’t get me wrong, some of these videos are brilliant, and they absolutely know what they’re doing. But others, maybe not so much.

And how exactly can we tell the difference?

I’m sure you have your own method, but here’s what I do. 

I look and listen for the proof.  Not ‘studies have shown’ stuff, but actual data. 

Like the clinical studies that explain details about how the herbs were tested, and whether or not it was a placebo-controlled study. Was the herb tested in a test tube or on live subjects? (In vivo or in vitro?) Was it tested for effectiveness in contrast to a medication? How long ago? Where was the study conducted? Was it funded through a University or by a drug company? 

When were the results published? And in what journal?

Those are a lot of questions. But, that’s what we do at Herbellum Institute. Before I...

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