Scientifically Validated Herbal Medicine

for Back and Joint Pain 


Join the Herbellum Institute Back & Joint Pain Course to learn how you can use herbal medicine as a highly effective and safe method of addressing chronic pain. 


Chronic pain continues to plague a fifth of the worlds population. After reviewing pharmaceuticals for pain and their tragic and addictive side effects, we introduce the most viable, potent and effective herbs for back and joint pain.


Narration and videos with easy-to-follow demonstrations guide students through the creation of highly effective, safe, and non-addictive herbal pain formulas.

What's included in this course:

  • Learn about the most common cause of back & joint pain 
  • Discover the most common Pain Pharmaceuticals and their dangerous side effects.
  • Explore the most effective herbs, minerals, and enzymes, and how they can affect & improve your back & joint pain.
  • Download and read over 20 scientific studies validating each herb we introduce.
  • Follow-along with our demo videos to create several herbal pain formulas.
  • Use your new knowledge to customize each formula – personalized to your individual needs.
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Additional Back and Joint Pain Resources

Back & Joint Pain Mini-Course

This Mini Course helps students recognize commonly overlooked causes of inflammatory pain. We review prescription drugs for pain & their side effects, and include all scientific supporting data. We introduce four herbs for mild to moderate inflammatory pain, and 1 formulation video of an anti-inflammatory capsule.


Back & Joint Pain Hypnotherapy

Tap into your subconscious mind to relieve your back and joint pain.

Our science-based therapy addresses relaxation and pain relief at the subscious level, instructing the brain to change the way it perceives the pain signal. 


Anti-Inflammatory Kit

Make your own safe and effective anti-inflammatory capsules for pain.

The herbs in your kit will make 32,000 mg of anti-inflammatory or approximately 1,000 capsules.